Full lips without botox

No botox, have fuller lips. No facelift, less lines. No peeling, does a better condition of the lips. Sal29 would bring about all this. Who the custodial lipstick a month, should get healthy lips fuller, in a natural way. And? Is like that too?

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Though … Yes! I, the undersigned, naturally has no Angelina Jolie-lips. But after having used the balm four weeks, seem to be the lips indeed something fuller. And also deeper red in color though. Or the promised 40 percent, as Sal 29 on her website claims, is the question. Your reporter had the Lip-O-Meter is not at hand. But fair is fair, the lips look really more beautiful and healthier. Also those pesky cold sore that always arise in the winter, were after the use of the lipstick in é é n day away. Also fine: the balm tastes nice and keeps the lips long gently without that you feel that there is something on your lips. Sal29 n ó g has a product on the market: anti-wrinkle lip contour cream. This emulsion is to ensure that the lines on and around the lips be shallower. This avoids that your lipstick in those lines runs. About this product is the enthusiasm a lot less great. First of all … the taste! First it looks like your grandma’s lawyer then spooning, empty glass of it turns into a bitter, chemical substance. What a pity. Also, it seems the cr è me something less effective. The lines around the mouth are not yet really reduced.

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But two revolutionary lip products in é é n years is maybe also what much of a good thing. And the lip balm by Sal29 is really an asset. The í s that you under the journalistic independence is not to say that you buy a product m ó et, but different …Sal29, at DA-drug stores on sale for € 19.95

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