Mad Hot Ballroom

this documentary, directed by Marilyn Agrelo, shows that dancing not just about dance steps but about life itself. In this way they learn to interact with each other. They discover their limits. This program was introduced in New York in 1994 ge ï and has become a big success. \ ‘ Mad Hot Ballroom \ ‘ shows you how it goes on a number of schools that participate in this program. From the first hours, the students followed. The girls are a lot more enthusiastic than the boys, who occasionally very grumpy look. Especially in the early going there a whole bunch of error. It came out very cute to see. But the viewer gets to see more than just dancing children. The children are also being interviewed about ge ï dancing, school and what their further deals. You follow they also outside of the school walls. In addition, tell the teachers and school heads why the program is so important. There you can also see examples of in this documentary. So is a girl with behavioral problems become much quieter and do them much better her best at school. She now has a purpose. As the final approaches, increases the tension. Everyone wants to finally get the final. Unfortunately, there are but a few places to obtain. The disappointment on the faces is visible when the teacher has his or her name is not pronounced. On the other hand you see the joy when a group of girls with their teacher clothing for the final shopping. Joy and sorrow in this documentary are very close together. You see the tears of the losers. The questioning looks. You see the enthusiasm in the children that encourage their team by really loud yelling. The tension. Who’s going to win? When that becomes clear you see reports children are bouncing around the stage, while the winners of happiness. Dance lovers during this film right away feel like dancing. There, the music where the children to dance so much for. The film lasts only as long as, one and a half hours. It did have a little less liked. You still look at \ ‘ Mad Hot Ballroom \ ‘, because you want to know who is with the main prize of is going through. Of course you can also select the overwinningsc è ne.Image removed by redactieMad Hot BallroomUitgebracht by: Paramount Classics suitable for: all leeftijdenGeschatte time: 1: 41Adviesprijs: € 24.99

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