Air Babylon

\ ‘ Air Babylon \ ‘ is a great book. If you started reading, it is extremely difficult to impose the book away. You want to just know what’s going on on this day. If you regularly travel by plane, you will certainly recognize some moments. However, it will be your mouth occasionally opening of surprise. For example, you know what happened to someone who dies during a flight? Have you ever smelled the smell of fried chicken on the plane? After reading this book, you know that there is not cooked. Maybe you wonder why most recently flown and asked you besides those fatty sat. Am thinking but forget the moment you stood at the check-in desk. Was you so much friendly to the ground crew? \ ‘ \ ‘ Air Babylon reads like a train. The incidents which are discussed in the book, are all really happened. The celebrities play themselves. Rich lights the mess, arms smuggling and the greedy third parties have resulted in the country himself trying to save a buck anywhere. The story is told by Anonymus. His adventures are thickened to a day. We follow this duty manager 24 hours on the made-up Babylon \ ‘ \ ‘ Air airport and on the plane on his way to Dubai. Imogen Edwards-Jones wrote the international bestseller earlier \ ‘ \ ‘ Hotel Babylon. This book tells the story of 24 hours in é n é of London’s most expensive and most luxurious hotels. I am looking forward to the next book of this disc star. There is nothing more exciting than secretly meegluren?Babylon Imogen Edwards-Jones image removed by redactieAir & Anonymus publishing house AW Bruna ISBN: 90-229-9170-9 Page’s: 330 pages. List price: 15.95 euro

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