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are you looking for a nice gift for your father, mother or é é n from your grandparents, then you will love this book. \ ‘ are you yet though … \ ‘ is ideally suited for a slightly older audience. Listening to the songs they will go back to the time they in mind on the dancefloor with their loved one. The 24 known old Dutch hits are on é n é cd. Most songs of yesteryear, performed by the original artists such as Willy Alberti & Johnny Jordaan, father Abraham, Gert Timmerman, Wim Sonneveld, Eddy Christiani, Manke Nelis & Johnny Meijer, Conny Vandenbos, Max of Prague and Annie Darwish.

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Do you know the text anymore? Look in the book, because there you will find all lyrics. The publishing house is noticeable on the slightly older target audience. The lyrics are extra large and legible printed. In this way, the elderly easy read. The book has a hard cover and the cd covers are attached to the inside of the cover. That’s convenient, because if you have the book on hand if you want to run the cd.] You can play all songs dreams? Then turn the second cd. This is an instrumental sing-along cd at a slightly lower rate, so you can easily sing along the 24 songs. At least that says the Publisher. If you do not know at all the numbers, it is nevertheless difficult char. This cd is ideal to use during voordrachtjes on family parties and other occasions where you may sing, without anyone driving me mad on looks.

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sing together \ ‘ are you yet though … \ ‘ most Sung songs of the past

Issued by: Disky estimated time: 1: 17: 15 (1), 1: 19: 29 (2) list price: 24.95 euro available from early March

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