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What do you do? You just mix up your old sunglasses for the new Thump2 of Oakley; sunglasses and mp3 player in é é n! No, this is not pie in the sky, but reality. The sports brand Oakley was already known for its high-quality technical sunglasses, but has now gone a step further. With the Thump2 you’ll never need to grab in your pockets if you want to listen a next number or want to adjust the sound. This mp3 player has no wires, and is very easy to operate with the three ge ï integrated buttons in the frame. To make it all even easier to use are the Mylar earbuds in all desired positions to be adjusted. He is also shockproof and and through the extra fast USB cable, are both easy to convert mp3, WMA and WAV files from the PC or Mac. In addition to the technical ease of use protects the glasses of course optimal against UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light radiation. The Oakley THUMP2 is an absolute must-have for women with fashion sense, a huge chunk of Audacity and the need for the user’s convenience and comfort of a ge ï sunglasses with integrated MP3 player.

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In addition, Oakley, of course, a ‘ normal ‘ new collection of sunglasses, such as the Grapevine, the Script and the Oakley Dart. The Grapevine has a unique feminine design with soft, smooth contours and a trendy, lightweight enclosure. The Script consists of a frame with three color layers, which give the glasses a hip look. In addition, the Script also performed in an eye-catching print that Oakley’s popular clothing line is inspired on ge ï. The Oakley dart, the Crown in this collection. These sunglasses has a lightweight frame, ge ï integrated DAB kidneys and a continuous lens. Prices from € 155,-.

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What many people still do not know is that Oakley has also an extensive range of correction glasses. Oakley presents three new models this summer, including in addition to two models for men, the Sweeper for women. The assertive lines of the Sweeper cre ë run a perfect balance between technology and design. In addition, the ge ï integrated hinges and metal icons on the frame these goggles a chic appearance. Just like the sports eyewear from Oakley are the correction glasses equipped with technologically advanced lenses with very high optical precision. The Sweeper is available for € 210,-. More information: http://www.oakley.com

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