Get carried away by the passion

La Vigna tempts you with its pleasant voice and her two men (Jeroen van Vliet on piano and Guus Bakker on double bass) with beautiful and varied music. A performance that is about the desire for, a show that at the same time funny and melancholy, with cabaret-like intermezzo’s about the men from her life. The beginning of the show’s normal, maybe even a little touch of solid, but as the evening progresses more and more tantalizing is La Vigna and they drag her audience. La Vigna goes back to its roots, with a varied repertoire that balances between evergreen and chanson. With passion they work of Tom Waits brings to Bl ø f, and Johnny Jordaan to Marlene Dietrich. La Vigna, of origin come from Netherlands, dreaming for years about her big successes abroad, including in Paris, Barcelona, Helsinki and Berlin. Now, however, is the opportunity for the Dutch public to get acquainted with this great talent. Mojo Theatre Productions is, in fact, recently managed to book a number of exclusive concerts of the world famous singer/performer/com é dienne La Vigna. Love the play list in the holes, because by this musical company w í l you just be seduced. A real delight for the eye and ear. information and play list Song: La Vigna Piano: Jeroen van Vliet double bass: Venkatesh B Technique: Tim Salifu Sule

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