Simple Minds splashing in the HMH!

come loose there after three numbers in the Amsterdam pop temple. It appears once again that it is the biggest hits that do best at the public. And then we, of course, \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ beauty Golden oldie songs like don’t You (Forget About Me) \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and The Belfast Child, because this band has had more than 20 hits in their long career.

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It’s all also good los at artists and public. For those fans should make it a heavenly feeling to \ ‘ \ ‘ their band in the prime of their career to see è re. And for the band itself that still ú n public response from h. Jim Kerr, which so excited little hands shakes and regularly by the knee ë n goes, just like in the old days. It’s clear: this is a band that still has fun in there. And that may be commendable are called for a band that once again rotates twenty eight years.See also the report of Paradiso sept. 2005

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