3FM presents Stevie Ann in Concert

On 16 February presented Radio 3FM Stevie Ann a concert in the showroom in Den Bosch. A private concert for some fifty prize winners of the radio station. Ann Vrouw.nl met earlier for an extensive interview and was invited to report on this concert. The acting in the music centre of Den Bosch would begin at eight o’clock, about 15 minutes later, the doors of the Hall opens. A few tense prize winners receive a goodie-bag enthusiastically with the cd of Stevie Ann. the showroom is an impressive old synagogue in the Centre of Den Bosch. The stage is situated in a beautiful room with an additional floor in the form of a balcony with organ. The stage was ready on entry, and the few people who were into the room all set for the rise of Stevie Ann. Around nine starts to flow with the room full of people. The prize winners who have been waiting since eight hours are grateful for the chairs on the balcony and the tables below which can be equally equipped. At half past ten Ann finally comes on, as the audience applauded enthusiastically. The small Hall becomes even more intimate as she calls out the Group invited guests get some want to come forward. She takes a seat on a wooden stool in the middle of the stage and grabs one of the two guitars that behind her ready. Wait quietly off the public. Stevie Ann is a young, fragile, little girl who makes a tender impression. But when she starts singing, she very different about it. There will be a clear, hard voice from her throat and the audience is clearly impressed. Her voice comes live very similar to her cd and it is to understand why them in short time has won two awards for young talent. Despite her young age and inexperience on the stage she knows everyone to bind immediately. With a guitar in her hand and behind the piano, she has talent and sings with enthusiasm and that can be heard. After some songs on her band, a drummer, two guitarists and a bare tough lanky pianist. After the sparkling performance of Stevie Ann huddled behind the piano is the pianist a strange appearance. The band gives the feeling a few days before the action together to be seized. To the right of her are a guitarist and drummer who clearly enjoy the occurrence and during the whole action have eye contact with Stevie Ann. but the pianist and guitarist on the left make a strange impression, they look just to their instruments and seem totally in a different world. It makes you almost wish that Stevie Ann had staged the concert on its own because the left side of her band continues to be distracting.

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She not only sings songs from her album, but also a surprising new song called ” Brick Walls ” . Sometimes the numbers seem a little on each other by the same rip it out with her voice. But the variation in musical styles make this good again. It was an impressive concert, it’s incredible what a beautiful and strong sound can come from such a young girl there. The lyrics are not always well understood, but sound mature and are sung with feeling. The only sad part is that one half of her band the whole so freaking upsets and not just make the ” show ” .On the website of Stevie Ann can you number of

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