' I have to kick myself to bed ' ' evening

How are you doing? ” With me very well. There is currently cold in our group, that’s not so much fun. I myself have also been a little sore throat, so I have to watch on my voice. That is incredibly annoying, but I go by until it really no longer goes. ” Did you get it to your liking at Peter Bell? ” Yes, we travel throughout the country since mid-september and have already played more than a hundred times, but I still find it very nice. Although very tiring, because we play sometimes six times a week. Most of my free time I spend in the tour bus, because we’re going everywhere together with the bus back. Cast and crew are just é é n big family. We see each other almost every day, but we still have a lot to discuss with each other. We talk even about our priv é life. If I don’t feel like have to talk because I want to sleep, do I just close my eyes. That respects everyone. It clicks very very well. We are just brothers and sisters. I can just be myself. ” Always dreamed of a life in the spotlight? ” Yes, I wanted to be a singer. That’s why I went to the Academy for light music in Hilversum. There I learned to know Tony Cousin. He told me I had to do audition at Jeans. I wanted to sing, so I did. I was adopted. Jeans is a theatre group, so I also had to play a little stage and dancing. Since then the ball roll. I have a number of workshops to learn, for example, better acting. Singing comes to me on the first place followed by acting. Dance is me something less. ” What’s so nice about on stage? ” If you’re in a musical plays, you take the people in the story. On stage you can feel the energy that comes from the audience. Of course the first not the other, but the people are often very excited. I want to entertain the people, because they have not paid thirty euro for nothing. On stage, I find much more fun than come on tv. I have had several guest rolls, but then feel that energy not by the public. That is such a shame. ” You have a very busy schedule, you still have time for other things? ” Little. I am just before the start of Pietje Bell moved, because my relationship after five and a half years was marred by an incident. My House is decorated, but the paintings are still on the ground. I try as much as possible to free up time for my family, but I see them far too little. In particular my mother I miss very much. The children of my sister, where I love to be as fast, large am. It does do a little pain when you see their first teeth through the mail. When I’m free, I’m also incredibly busy. Shopping, washing, eating with friends and family. Sometimes I choose to hang out on the couch with a movie, but usually I’m working on it. I also can’t sit still. \ in the evening should I myself really kick to bed. ” What are you going to do after Peter Bell? ” Peter Bell is running two nhalve month ë, then it is equally quiet and in september I’m going with Willeke Alberti and Tony cousin by the country touring with \ ‘ Willeke Alberti’s Jubilee tour \ ‘. It’s perfectly fine to have a new show in sight. I’ve had really. I love to sing in my native language. I can express myself best in this language. I am proud of this beautiful country. ” How is it to work together with your good friend Tony cousin? ” That’s perfectly fine and familiar. Of course it’s not always easy, because you would have conflictjes if you work with. You want to hurt each other or not. I know Tony well with me for has, therefore, it is very pleasant to work with each other. Together with Rolf Koster and Tony form I the trio \ ‘ Heidi und die Heino’s \ ‘. That is always fun. We are now all three busy, so we can not combine, but in the summer we go again occur. There are plans to include a single World Cup. ” What do you want to do in the future? ” I would very much like a nice Dutch cd recording. There I dream of. I’m going to work hard to make this dream come true. In addition, I would also like to play sometimes in a crazy comedy. I have a nice crazy may do. So far I have had sweet rolls every time. ” Also take a look at www.brigittenijman.nl. On this site you will find all information about Brigitte. You can also leave a message in the guest book for her. This site is maintained by Mischa Maheshwari, a close friend of Brigitte. ” Without her I had never had such a beautiful site. I’m proud of her. ”
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