Girls wanna have fun!

There should be times that it is a shame for a man to not woman. For example now, when reading the announcement of \ ‘ Girls wanna have fun \ ‘. Fifteen girls, fifteen personalities who have earned their stripes in the Dutch popsc è ne guarantee for an evening of fun \ ‘ \ ‘. Three years ago the ladies for the first time along with classics from the pop and rock history. Their act was found both in theatres and at festivals a discovery. The repertoire ranges from Elvis to Zarah Leander and of Queen to Radiohead. Also this evening is rock history once firmly under different Monique Klemann, was dug up by é Fr d Ric and Suzanne é Sajjad and Manuela Kemp. The result is a crazy, energetic and infectious show, which unabashedly the roof off it goes.

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Yokes! offers every lady who takes her friend to \ ‘ Girls wanna have fun \ ‘, the second tag on for half the price. The performance is starting on Saturday March 11, 2006, 8: 15 pm, show up in Bussum. There is a limited number of seats available. So respond quickly is advised! The rates are as follows: € € 30,-/28.50/€ 27.00. Tel: 035

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