Gilmore Girls season 2

Net 5 sent last week to the fourth season of Gilmore Girls, and every Tuesday I sat glued to the tube. The rapid dialogues, the typical sense of humor of mother and daughter, the strange villagers: my girlfriends and I can-like many other women in Netherlands-no week without. Very annoying so that our girls will have to clean up the field from 7 March for the series Everwood! If you are so annoying, I have good news, because from March 16, is the DVD box of the second season of the Gilmore Girls for sale! Even if you (like me) have already seen all the episodes, this DVD box a must-have. I loved all 22 episodes of the second season-without advertising interruptions-another look. It’s the season where Lorelai and Max break their engagement where it’s annoying \ ‘ nephew of Luke, Jess in Stars Hollow is live and where mother and daughter meet with the new sweetheart of Christopher (the father of Rory)… Unfortunately, the box offers little extra’s: each dvd has an additional sc è ne and you get to see a bit of the movie Kirk made for the for the annual Stars Hollow movie night. Furthermore, there are no extra features on, which I find a bit odd. Surely there are plenty of nice extra’s to think of, such as a double interview with Alexis Bledel (Rory) and Lauren Graham (Lorelai) or a conversation with the writers who provide the typical Gilmore humor. Unfortunately sat that: maybe the makers keep this up its sleeve for the next DVD box. But that should matter to me: I have laughed to rot me again Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Emily, Richard, Taylor, Kirk and Lane!Image removed by editors Girl more Girls season 2 with Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel and Scott Patterson. Time: 934 minutes (6 DVD’s) price: 99.99

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