Thick Ibarra


Fr ö lich, a well-known German radio and tv presenter describes in her book on her battle against the k’s hilarious. the doubts, her experiences with various di ë at, the failures and the inner conversation that she regularly performs with what she calls her \ ‘ thick Ibarra \ ‘. She addresses in her book different theme’s such as sports, the most famous di ë at, the stumbling blocks of our own body and the different methods for measuring our weight. Do now, of course, all the diet books that. but this book is different. In her book describes Susanne themselves and others with a good dose of self-mockery. She makes regular use of one-liners and tells with a lot of humor about the arduous journey to a slimmer exist. With dot the most fun chapter I found the letters to her problem areas. I quote: Dear hip bones, it’s been years since we have seen each other. The last time was in \ ‘ 97 to be exact. To me is that not, small, angular bones by me. It is your fault. You clog your. You better keep you fat hiding in bergen than the Tasmanian wolf in the plains of Australia ë (…) What I personally find as well to this book, is that you find the writer w é t é what she’s talking about. I am surprised about the razor-sharp analyses that they give of themselves and society. How she describes her frustrations, the indignities on her work or while shopping. She also describes her two fair fight on the weight loss. Thoughts that vari ë ren of \ ‘ what does it matter that I’m fat, I still feel fine to \ ‘ \ ‘ I am weak, thick and deeply unhappy with my own body \ ‘. She describes how your environment against your view when you have a Curvier. What types of men there are and what you have them during your diet. I’m laughing out loud while reading regularly shot. Still, it’s nowhere as the humor something that degrades the serious content. The book gives a lot of good info on healthy eating (di). The writer confronts you with the well-known excuses to not to have to change. She advocates to work out, how annoying you that maybe there is also. They very: lose weight is not by itself. You should do a lot for and possibly let more n ó g for. Some one-liners that I you don’t want to remember: · Good views are also people, thin people but then thin. · Ok é, men find themselves still attractive when their bottoms obscures the Sun. ë N · her knee are so sharp and angular, that they actually need a weapon permit. In short, this book is an absolute must for anyone who is interested in the fight against the ge ï km’s!

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Thick Ibarra by Suzanne Fr hlich ö ISBN 90-389-1584-5 Publishing House order now! thick nosave Ibarra  Thick Ibarra Thick Shehu. Frohlich

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