' we want to put on fire the HMH '

Where we know Behave by? ” We have a few months ago an Essent Award. In 2004 we had a radio hit with the single \ ‘ \ ‘ High On You. This number is also our debut album released last year. I know Matthew Schreuder guitarist since the bridge class. We play for a year now in the current line-up with bassist Junior Bird and drummer Bob Daniel. ” You guys are doing this year to the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. How come? ” We are asked, after we had won the Essent Award. We had to laugh really hard, because you don’t immediately associate a rock formation with the Song Contest, but were immediately enthusiastic. We can now play in the spotlight. Very Netherlands makes this way introduced to Behave. ” The Song Contest is sometimes a carri è rekiller, are you out there not afraid of? ” Fear is never a good counselor. Afraid to go on our mouth, we are not. That I believe can not, because we continue to just Behave. We will not adjust. Do our own thing. It doesn’t matter whether we play on the Eurovision Song Contest, in a full Arena or in the Olympic village in Turin. ” Do you guys actually slightly with the Song Contest? ” Our drummer used to be together with his three sisters sat on the couch in front of the tv with a Notepad. He is the only one. I have it myself. ” Who’s going to win? ” I have no idea. We are going to do our thing. We have a fun show, good exposure, beautiful clothing é n three good songs. No dance moves or fireworks. In the past women were in favor. Maud is the absolute favorite. Maybe it works in our favor that we are a boy band and voices the female viewers on us. I’m really curious. What do you think? ” You play three numbers, \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Maybe Tomorrow, L.A. Baby \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ and Heaven Knows, you can already tell there? ” They are real Behave-numbers. Energetic songs. Excited. There are two up-tempo numbers and a rock ballad. It is my preference I don’t. ” \ ‘ \ ‘ Heaven Knows You have selected from the entries. The choice was difficult? ” There was a large group of which you could say right away that it was nothing. \ ‘ \ ‘ Is a real Heaven Knows Behave-number. Together with the writer we have worked on the song. It’s really a perfect song for us. It had of ourselves can be. We are really very very happy with it. ” If you guys to the Eurovision Song Contest, you may create a chance? ” There I think not yet over. I concentrate on the things that happen now. Live from day to day. ” Why should everyone on your votes? ” We can drop a good show in an honest way. Do everything to make our energy to convey to the public. We want to put the Heineken Music Hall on fire! ” What can we expect of you? ” There are plans to bring out a single after the Eurovision Song Contest. There is probably also a limited edition of our album ‘ On Air ‘ with the Eurovision songs. We want to grow further. ” Info about Behave, you can visit their site www.behaveonline.com. On www.nationaalsongfestival.nl you can read more about the National Song festival and how you Behave can vote. Read the next few days also interviews with Maud and Treble on Vrouw.nl!

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