Cinderella Man

the film is set in the years

\ ‘ 30, during the so-called Great Depression. She tells the true story of the talented, but down-at-heel Boxer James Braddock (Russell Crowe). While he as the Bulldog of Bergen \ ‘ in the years before the depression reigned supreme and his wife (Ren é e Zelwegger) and children could give everything what they wanted to have, but he touches in the lean years that follow his injured and not able to get a decent meal on the table. He has given up boxing and works with a broken hand in the port to keep their heads above water. In the time that the family needs the money the most, his old manager with a boxing match. Someone has fallen out and James may come boxing: this is a nice way to say goodbye to his bokscarri è re and he can buy a bottle of milk. But against all odds, he won the contest and more will follow. This is the beginning of the real fight: the fight for his wife and three children.

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I think his best role ever here drop Russel Crowe: James Braddock is a in and in good man and not a moment is Crowe implausible or did you get the idea that his character comes to recapture its former glory. An example where this latest application, is the sc è ne where a journalist asks how it is that James wins again and now all of a sudden where he answers: ” Because now I know what I’m fighting for: milk. ” Crowe plays him more honest than I’ve ever seen play. The DVD you just have seen. The story is interesting but the one-liners, fast dialogues and the play of Paul Giamatti, who as Russel Crowe é n Braddock’s manager also a rousing drop role (for which he is nominated for an oscar) make the film even more impressive. The extra features on the DVD are well worth it. Especially the deleted sc è nes in which Director Ron Howard (perhaps better known as Richie from Happy Days) comments on this sc è nes, ensure that you see in the film in broader perspective. For those who really ge ï interested in boxing and in how the film came about, offers the feature \ ‘ \ ‘ in the front row also a nice perk. The original fight between the real James Braddock and Max Bear is indeed shown. But interspersed with interviews with the creators of the movie so you can see how history is translated to the actual movie. Image removed by editing DVD Cinderella Man with Russel Crowe, Zelwegger Ren é e and Paul Giamatti time: 139 minutes list price: 23.99

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