Benefit concert for the Dutch Cancer Society

the following artists working unselfishly to the benefit concert ‘ Hope does a human life ‘. Ren é van Kooten, Tony Cousin, Brigitte Nijman, Sita, Bill van Dijk, Joke de Kruijf, Rob Zorn, Joost de Jong, Laura vlasblom, Stephen Stephanou, Addo Kruizinga, Joanne Telesford, Carmel van Eijk, Jerrel Hamilton & Friends, X-sight, Solveig of vineyards, Orville Breeveld, Nabil 4 now, Edith, To Be, Ferry de Graaf, Mieke Dijkstra and Simone Campbell. The Board members of Stichting Hope does a human life have themselves several times to say goodbye to friends and family members with cancer. On average, one in three Dutch people in their immediate environment gets himself or with cancer. The memory of these people is the motivation to organize the benefit concert. More research is necessary to combat cancer. Here is a lot of money for needed. With the fundraising campaign of the benefit concert, the Foundation wants to like to contribute.Ticket sales the benefit concert will take place on Monday 13 March at 20: 00 in the Amstelveense theatre. Cards cost 30, €-€, including one drink during the break or 60,-including dinner and drink in the break. Reservation via + 31 (0) 20-5475175 (between 11 am and 4 pm daily) or via internet

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