Bagdad Café

Brenda Jasmin but finds a peculiar woman, because they are running at the motel arrived, while the middle of the desert is located. Also she is all on her own and she talks almost not. As Brenda one day the cleaning Chamber of Jasmin will find them there all men clothing. That’s kind of weird, since Jasmin staying alone in the motel. Brenda calls the sheriff to ask if he wants to come along, because they do not trust. Actually she wants just that he says he must leave, but this does not Jasmin. Meanwhile begins to feel more and more at home in the Jasmin somewhat abandoned motel. She does the things she likes, she cleans up, cleans and takes care of the baby by Brenda’s son. This does them out themselves, and without that Brenda know it. If Brenda comes back from the city is her Office clean … Brenda reacts furiously on! But apparently the only one who bothers to Jasmin is Brenda. The rest of the people who live in the motel \ ‘ \ ‘ welcome Jasmin, blowing by her arrival there is a fresh breeze through the motel.

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One evening Jasmin begins with magic tricks. Everyone is impressed and come every night there are more people watching her tricks. She starts small showes and come from miles around there people watching. The news that there are magic shows are going like wildfire. The shows go well and it’s always pressure in the Baghdad Caf é, until the sheriff the fun is upset. Jasmin must leave America because her visa expired. Without the magic of the shows of Jasmin there are no customers in the Baghdad Caf é. Actually, it came back as it was before Jasmin. It is very quiet in Baghdad Caf é, until the phone is … Brenda takes up, but she hears nothing at the other end of the line … Jasmin for the suddenly State motel. She’s back with a new visa. This is the magic back. In the Baghdad Caf é is busier than ever before.

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é Is the best known so far Baghdad Caf film of the Director Percy Adlon. The story of Jasmin and Brenda became the symbol of friendship and warmth between disparate people. This particular movie is loved worldwide. By this film is Marianne Sagebrecht (Jasmin) has become a cult figure and the number Calling You by Bob Telson a classic. The film also shows an innovative, endearing and quirky image of the United States as a country where space for self-discovery and individuality. If extra’s there are some trailers on the dvd of several films, including My Own Private Idaho and Don’t Come Knocking. The film is also there for a second time on. the difference is that this includes comment by Percy Adlon and Marianne Sagebrecht. Very nice to hear, and you know why the Director has chosen for certain locations, etc. Director: Percy Adlon 108 minutes. Extra: commentary by Percy Adlon and Marianne Sagebrecht. Scene selection. Trailers of various movies. A-Film

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