William Orbit-Hello Waveforms

are you looking for a cd to dream? This album may not be missing in your cd collection. E é n hour long float your song to number. You find do agree that there are eleven different numbers on \ ‘ \ ‘ are, Hello Waveforms as fluid they run into one another. Put this cd but on repeat, because after an hour would you like to hear again, ‘m again and again. This cd contains almost exclusively instrumental tracks. If anyone sings with the numbers é é n, you notice that almost not. It takes some getting used to if you suddenly hear singing the Sugababes and Kenna. Does not disturb because \ ‘ Spiral \ ‘ (track 5) is a super beautiful song. It makes the album special. Just as the subsequent number \ ‘ Who Owns The Octopus \ ‘. In é é n word: superb! This album is not to be compared with his previous albums, such as his latest album Pieces in a Modern Style \ ‘ \ ‘ that appeared in 2000. As far as I am concerned, William Orbit more record on this delicious \ ” Hello Waveforms \ ‘-way. Highly recommended for anyone who absolutely love is delicious trippy dreamy dance music. You can not compare this record with \ ‘ \ ‘ Ray of Light, he took the best of Madonna. On William Orbit’s Hello Waveforms \ ‘ Gets the best out of themselves. Not only are music is great. The design of the cd cover is great too. This cd allows you to impossible do put your cd collection. \ ” Hello Waveforms \ ‘ is typical on a nice spot near a cd player. Curious about this plate and other work of William Orbit? Go to www.williamorbit.com.Afbeelding removed by redactieWilliam Orbit-Hello Waveforms 1. Sea Green 2. Humming Chorus 3. Surfin \ ‘ 4. You Know Too Much About Flying Saucers 5. Spiral 6. Who Owns The Octopus 7. Bubble Universe 8. Fragamosia 9. Firebrand 10. They Live In The Sky 11. Colours From NowhereUitgebracht by: 2006Adviesprijs: € 22.99 Sanctuary Records, order now! nosave William Orbit-Hello Waveforms  William Orbit-Hello Waveforms

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