' when it comes to that dream goes, we are Tigers '

what have you guys done? ” Ramaganana \ ‘ \ ‘ afterMany occurred, new songs written and made new plans. Unfortunately the release of our new album a time delayed, but this means we can now join the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. ” Why do you guys with it? ” This year there is by the new design of the programme much more possible than recent years. We should now give a mini concert of three songs, may decide for themselves what we attract and do not need with dance moves on the stage. We can therefore fully remain ourselves: Treble, as we are for ten years. Our dream is to win, of course, 12 March and again proud to make Netherlands in Athens. ” Do you have something with the Song Contest? ” Know for sure! We all three were allowed to stay up longer and with the whole family we made points lists. We looked there all three every year looking forward to it. Our favourite song is \ ‘ \ ‘ The voice from Ireland, though we know that no longer certain. ” The Song Contest is sometimes a carri è rekiller, are you out there not afraid of? ” It is a competition. We can therefore lose. As long as we can keep ourselves, we do not feel that a program can break us. We can of course always the streets as street musicians. We love to make music on the streets. Every now and then we do it still. On 12 March we go of course for the number n é é! ” How you estimate your chances in? ” We have very good and fun opponents. We are all very different and that will certainly fight to March 12, make a fun and exciting. We think our chances are good, because we make innovative music. We are different than most bands. With 38 participating countries in Athens you need also called stand out. ” Can you tell something about your numbers: \ ‘ \ ‘ Amambanda, Lama Gaia and Make Your Choice (the number that you have chosen from the entries)? ” We have our fantasy language in these three songs combined with English. These are all swinging uptempo numbers with the aim of people cheer up. Make Your Choice \ ‘ \ ‘ spoke to us because of the atmosphere and the text about freedom. We have here a hefty Treble sauce thrown over it, so that the number really suits us. On our website you can even listen to the songs by the way. ” Why Treble language? ” We sing in Treble language for eight years and continue to do just that. We present ourselves as Netherlands us already a bit more mature and swingender, only knows first. ” You are incredibly busy with the preparations. Can you tell something more about there? ” We have all the time we had been put into the preparations for the Eurovision Song Contest. Early each morning from the feathers to work with choreographer Tim Noble up and running. We start the day with push-ups, sit-ups and jumping rope. Then we play the three songs \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘, Make Your Choice Amambanda \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Lama Gaia and on the way we will present us on 12 March. Tim teaches us a very nice and natural way focused and swinging on the stage. He makes us aware of the cameras and teaches us not to be afraid, but to give everything right. After the rehearsal Sai we went to the gym to raise what our condition. We have such a muscle pain! But, we do everything for a good cause! ” Why should everyone on your votes? ” We are innovative and can surprise the rest of Europe would. It would be super to with our drums, guitar and backpack around Europe and Netherlands weather proud to make. We want to do a promise to Netherlands. If we win on 12 March we are going to pull out all the stops to Greece also in rankings. We want to visit all 38 countries there among other things to play on the streets and so each country already acquainted with Treble. When it comes to that dream goes, we are Tigers! ” Do you make a chance in Athens? ” We will work very hard for here. We want to visit all 38 countries in about 50 days. Before we arrive in Athens, everyone must know us a little. ” What does it say to you after the Eurovision Song Contest on the program? ” There will certainly be a new album after the Song Contest, preceded by a single. ” Info about Treble, you can visit their site www.treble.nl. You can follow the girls. Every day there are new movies to see. On www.nationaalsongfestival.nl you can read more about the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest and how you can vote on Treble. The girls still want to say something about. , ” Everyone who is going to vote on us, we would like to thank in advance. We dream in the meantime further. ” Click here for a nice movie about the ladies

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