The Dresden Dolls; " a bunch of freaks "

who are The Dresden Dolls and how are they? The Dresden Dolls are a bunch of freaks from high school that music went to sit down instead of idlers. We are complete clowns, we let each other every second laugh. We try to be friendly. We try honest … Who has the name conceived and why have you chosen? I have the band name came up with. We started as ” Out of Arms ” from which we ” The Dresden Dolls Arms ” were. After some hersenspinselen in the late evening with a friend, we are ultimately ” The Dresden Dolls ” become. I’m addicted to contrast. I like the spirit and imagination of the destruction the doll. And why you chose for Punk Cabaret? It is the only name I could think of at what we do. Without Cabaret of Punk to be. We are somewhere in the middle of it and then more to the left. Cabaret is for me something to bring up at the piano, the musical theater songs, the satire and the playful with the terrible. While punk suggests that we not mature and want to be ” nice ” . We go for ” WATCH OUT YOUR MOTHERFUCKERRRRRS ” . The Dresden Dolls are a way of life or an act? It is certainly a way of life for me. But that does not mean that I in fishnet tights and my face full of makeup to the greengrocer go. Interestingly enough, dress up I’m just when I’m on stage performing. Normally, all me uninspired. If you go against me would come on the street, I very likely dressed like a cracker.Life is a Cabaret or no? Is it half full or half empty Cabaret? Decide you but …

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What is it like to be the only fully live Punk Cabaret group é n be successful? I would like those who meet are half dead. It feels brilliant. It took us a lot of time to get this far, because we followed our impulses. We have never purposely done something to but to be ” larger ” . But I think if you are integer and you do what you want to do, the world eventually bijtrekt. Sometimes … Is the world ready for you guys? The world needs us more than she realizes. The things there, be terribly boring. When can we welcome you in Netherlands on stage? We will on 3 June on Pinkpop, so put yourself but delete. Where do you find the inspiration for your story-songs? Actually everywhere. My head is constantly scanning for songs and lines of text and I throw away as several hundred per day. What lingers, often remains at accident hang. The newspaper is a powerful resource for finding the ” gems ” . And the television, where I never went to look, always makes that I want to cry and very productive writing will. Are you generally: happy, skeptical, seriously, funny or something else? I am especially happy and playful, unless I’m too long among the people. Then I get a retired zombie.On what songs are you very proud and why? I am very proud of Mrs. O. I think that song has the best text of the whole record. Delilah is a close second. \ ‘ \ ‘ Punk Cabaret is Freedom. Can you explain this? Punk Cabaret comes to do what you want, without to be reluctant in it. The Cabaret was formerly (in the time of the Weimar Era and the Dada lazy) a place for artists to meet, drink and laugh. To experiment and to discover new forms of art where no one had thought of. Self-expression was God. And how crazier you could be, the better. I like the idea that every night that we act, we can try to create that space ë ren. Therefore we encourage people to get involved and to make it in their own club to acting by the decoration, and the game play.What do you mean by the title of your new album Yes, Virginia \ ‘ \ ‘? \ ‘ Yes Virginia’s a piece of a text from a famous letter. The famous sentence in America is: ” Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus ” . The writer mean there that you can still believe in the no you can’t see. A good and powerful letter about love and magic and that the invisible more powerful than everything else. The meaning was originally in Mrs. O on a slightly more ironical way. For the title of the album have this sentence taken out. Because I once again find that it is a fine contrast between the dark and the

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