' when I go to Athens may, I make sure chance '

what have you done after Idols? ” I have a Dutch-language album and three singles. I have occurred throughout the country. I also had larger performances as in the Arena with Ren é é Froger, in Carr for Willeke Alberti and I was also in Ahoy and the Heineken Music Hall and now the Song Contest. ” Why do you participate in the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest? ” This year it is a nice big concert in the Heineken Music Hall. It also seems to me very nice to to represent Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest. What singer or singer wants that not now! ” You have something with the Song Contest? ” In recent years what less, but once I sat in the evening for the pipe \. My favourite songs are \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Peace and heaven and Earth \ ‘. ” You hear that the Eurovision Song Contest can be bad for carri è re, are you out there afraid of? ” No not at all! If you look at the past than have pretty many people there a very beautiful carri è re companie. Just look at Marlayne, Ruth Jacott and Edsilia. ” Are you going to win Treble and Behave? ” I treasure my chances pretty high in. I have songs in the Netherlands can do very well, but also internationally. I think people should vote for that reason also on me. When I go to Athens may, I make sure chance. Why not? ” You can tell something about those numbers? ” \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ I’m Alive, Without Your Love \ ‘ \ ‘ and One More Try \ ‘ are all very cheerful songs. You will be immediately happy as you hear them. I think that’s very important in a Song Contest number. They are pop/dance-numbers. ” \ ‘ One More Try you’ve chosen from the entries, was that difficult? ” This number jumped really get away from it all. There were very many entries. Previously I thought it would be very difficult to decide which to choose, but when we were there we heard this song quickly! ” Can you tell more about your preparation? ” We had chosen the three numbers pretty quickly and are then quickly started looking for a good producer for the numbers. Finally we arrived at the Hit factory \ ‘ \ ‘ Glam Slam right in Stockholm. They had all the cool plans with the numbers. I am so a few weeks back are flown to the songs. Now we are working on getting the whole show to set up with dancers and singers. It is very nice. ” Do you sing specially for Eurovision in English or can we expect in the future? ” I find English language and Dutch both very nice! My next album will be filled mainly with English-language songs. Dutch also has my still love it. So who knows, there are also still Dutch songs on! ” Already have plans for after the Eurovision Song Contest? ” I’m going on with my second album anyway and probably I’m going to take part in a nice program on SBS6. ” Info about Maud, visit www.maudmusic.nl. You can already listen to her songs. On www.nationaalsongfestival.nl you can read more about the Netherlands in the Eurovision Song Contest and how you

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