the story is set in the South of France. Alain Getty (Laurent Lucas) an engineer of technical gadgets has a seemingly perfect life. He is happily married to Benedictine (Charlotte Gainsbourg), he does a good job and a nice house. When one day the sink drain and he not a living lemming from the drain extracts this seems to initiate a series of bizarre events. The wife of his boss, Alice (Charlotte Rampling), commits suicide in their home which leads to tensions between Alain and his wife Benedictine. It is sometimes the spirit of Alice who between them? In the sometimes what gives the viewer the long sc è nes Dominik space for his own fantasy ë n. beneath the surface of this so perfect couple rumbles, bubbling and simmering it violently. Suggestions would be enhanced by surreal sc è nes and by music or the lack thereof in particular. In this way, to keep this film sees chance to stress to the last shot. All in all this movie has David Lynch for my feeling a significant content.

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Extras on the DVD are hardly. One can watch trailers and there is an interview with Dominik. The latter is less than 10 minutes with hardly an in-depth interview to name a few. Curious? If you can put you on the fact that the film is French-speaking, you the style of David Lynch and you of psychological thrillers with a good sauce of drama, then this is the movie for you. LemmingDiaphana filmsThriller/Drama

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