Waking the dead

the team, led by detective Peter Boyd (Trevor Eve) this really pulls out all the stops to get new evidence surfaced, using state-of-the-art research techniques, which were not yet available at the time of the murder. So, the forensic expert Dr. Frankie Wharton (Holly Aird) thanks to this latest technical marvels time and time again new insights on the business. In addition plays profiler Dr. Grace Foley (Sue Johnston) with her astute look and years of experience a large role. She knows a flawless understanding of the motives and the profile of the perpetrators. Headstrong as she is feeling and trust them completely on its own expertise and they not hesitation in the opinions of the rest of the team to ignore as they can find. And also the field workers Spencer Jordan (Wil Johnson) and DC DC Amelia Silver (Claire Goose) prove to be very valuable and indispensable teammates during troubleshooting the following four cold case-business: Burn-Out the young Marina Coleman (Angela Griffin), the death of her father (a war photographer) after all these years still cannot process. Discovering the true circumstances of his death has become such an obsession for her that they fire a car and caught by Boyd. The Blind Beggar When workmen during their work in the crypt of a church discover a skull, the cold case team in action. The corpse is removed from the tomb and with concrete and all the research can begin. The team is heavily opposed by the local clergy and faithful fellow-villagers.A Simple Sacrifice when Annie (Harriet Walter) Throat after twenty-five years in prison for murdering her husband and eight-year-old neighbor boy is released, is this case reopened and new evidence surfaced that the fault of Throat suddenly not so sure is.Every Breath I Take the body of Debbie British policewoman (Joanne Farrell) is fished out of the River Thames. They disappeared without trace a year earlier. Come soon there are so many remarkable secrets from her past to top that the team need to put to the offender all to figure out.

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In 2001, Waking the dead as British television series released by the BBC. It was a resounding success and by now, the series the fifth season. Both in 2003 and in 2004, the series was nominated for an Emmy Award. And in 2004 was also awarded. This DVD box contains four DVDs containing the first four episodes of the first season. Each episode consists of two parts of fifty minutes, complete with beginning and end. To view both loose and behind each other. Each part is divided into six chapters. The main menu is concise and clear and there are no further

Image removed by editors extras. I enjoyed this very engaging series with its spectacular investigations, special interrogation techniques and even complete reconstructions of the crime scene. Not least because of the excellent and credible acting of the main cast. The characters are well developed and far from superficial and every now and then comes a priv é-life in images. Although each episode is a completed story, makes it more engaging each recurring fixed team next episode, as you get to know the people getting better. Needless to mention that I had not enough to four episodes and just more wanted. The fact that the series has now its fifth season, makes a lot of good. I look forward to the next bundle episodes.Image removed by redactieWaking the dead 400 minutes list price: 29 €, 99

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