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this Sunday afternoon was a special afternoon. You think to a ‘ ordinary \ ‘ fashion show to go, but then you go into the magical sixties. The decor of the presentation was not a standard catwalk, but a real driveway to the White House in Washington. The atmosphere of the 1960s was everywhere to feel. To the music, with performances by jannita Daniels as Doris Day and Nurlaila Karim, who soon shines in the musical ” The Wizard of Oz ” . To the screaming girls who with waving American flags next to the White House their idol on were waiting. On the beautiful vintage cars that the models é é é é n for n to within reason. And finally, Saskia Radhika that the show ended with a great rendition of Marilyn Monroe!Jackie Kennedy was alive! The style icon Jackie Kennedy is d é been great inspiration for the presented collection. This has resulted in a super feminine collection: elegant dresses, stylish pants suits and feminine creations. For the used vintage fabrics is very Florence afgespeurd and the result is. The collection is classical, but portable and with a touch of glamour. It might not be everyone’s style or taste, but with a creation of Jaap you definitely something special in hands! Particular was also the audience. Among the guests were a number of celebrities including: Corrie van Gorp, Marijke Hailemichael, Willeke Alberti, Sonja Silva and Maik de Boer that his eyes could not hold off of the gorgeous models.

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The afternoon had not closed can be better, than with a personal note by Jaap to all women. Jaap thinks that women should stop denying themselves and will have to learn to respect themselves as they are. He loves therefore personally not all beauty ideals that some magazines and TV program’s be imposed. Nice was therefore to see that this is not just empty words were back, but to see that it actually was in the models that were chosen to present the collection. So many different women; young, old, slim, put, dark, blank é é, but one thing they all had in common: they looked super female from! That is also the force of this designer, he is inspired by the curves that each woman has and fits his designs accordingly. According to the couturier’s designs usually speak the what more mature woman, the business woman and brides to. If you have plans to get married then it’s at least nice to know that you can design a wedding gown by Jaap. Expensive price tag on there (from € 2.800,-), but then wedding you so much in a custom made unique haute couture dress inspired ge ï on your own personality. Best worth considering for the most beautiful day of your life … Want some extra information about Jaap and/or about this afternoon, then take a look at

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