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” Mom, dad, do you have drinks? ” Gavin DeGraw calls to his parents before we go to the little room where the interview will take place. His father and mother nod and Gavin runs through. Once at the table tells the 29-year-old New Yorker why he his parents with him: ” last year I to my father asked if he wanted to be my manager. I thought it would be handy because a manager is, after all, always a kind of second parent and because I have my family very wrong when I’m on tour, it was obvious to my father manager. ” His mother is really just for fun with it because Gavin is really a family man: ” I try to bring my family as often as I can, it’s just fine to have them around me. ” The road to success because his parents are with him often when he is on tour, they can always contact Gavin. They are a tremendous support for him. That has always been true: z é lfs when he decided to quit the Conservatory, were his father and mother (who are also musicians) behind him. Gavin says: ” my parents love music and I love that music please ” . So when he found that he was not in school, went ahead as a singer this also supported by them. Gavin tells: ” I can still remember that I was sitting in a classroom where we all individually had to sing a song. The teacher complimented only the people who sang as they sang. Itself I found her style and technique actually not good at all, so I confronted her with it and said: \ ‘ you’ll only find people that you imitate, you realize that? \ ‘ the teacher did not really on in, but when I told her later that I went off from school, she said that from the moment they met me knew I was someone who only had to try. And that I have done so. ” Once of the Conservatory there in addition to making music, held off Gavin, all kinds of jobs to keep its head above water on after. Despite that he did gigs in local bars, had flowed there’s not enough money to live on. He had the most horrible jobs: ” the hate that I had to my other jobs made sure I music continued to make ” , he jokes. But waiter, bartender, employee at a kiosk or laminate shelf are not really occupations where Gavin for in the cradle has been laid. Fortunately he got between these jobs by more and more performances. His first ever took place in The bar The Bitter End on Bailey Street, New York. This was followed by other bars on this street, as the Red Lion and Terror Blues. When Gavin Wilson in club’s open mic night during a ‘ \ ‘ should sing, came his carri è re only really off the ground. Debby Wilson, the then owner of the club, was so impressed by him that they are manager was starting the next day. The brothers started The bar where Gavin DeGraw, is the bar where his brother Joey now still the pans off the roof plays: ” Joey is really huge talented: he writes songs, plays the guitar and can sing well, ” says Gavin. The Bitter End should do without Joey, now seven months because as guitarist and backing vocalist, he travels the world with his little brother in the near future about. ” I missed my brother and he is also a good addition for the band ” , he gives as reason for Joey’s contribution.

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Gavin with his brother Joey

Joey will, however, only temporary part of the band and that’s not because Gavin without his older brother can, but because he feels that Joey his own carri è re need building. ” I don’t want people to say: \ ‘ O, there you have Gavin’s brother, Joey \ ‘. ” He is Joey DeGraw and has enough in his March to his own musical carri è re build. But this way will teach the public know him and know he will learn also touring. ” the youngest DeGraw. He thinks again and then says laughing: ” of course we find both super touring, the only thing that we don’t like is that we have to live from a bus. ” No oiled machine not only his parents and brother travel with him because he they like with you or because of the talent. It is also in line with the philosophy that the songwriter has about working as an artist. Because the people with whom Gavin works his family too common, creates a more personal connection between them and that according to him is very important. ” Many artists believe that the music business is a great machine, in which not to be ï this requires investments. But they forget that every industry consists of individuals and so did ours. If you have no personal connection develops with the people with your work, why they would you then find and important in you ge ï interested? ” After this serious note, grins Gavin again and says: ” But luckily I find the people with whom I work also quite nice though. ” Caps passion Gavin finds it so nice that he works with so many different people: meet new people, but other places see is a bonus on top of making music. That he has to make itself as popular singer pressure for its appearance, is the lesser side of his job. ” I’m trying to worry me as little as possible to what I look like, but I do occasionally get criticism from people around me that I have something else would have to attract or my hair is stupid. So I have are up to. I never used to do something special to: I pulled a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt out of the closet and I was ready. Now I must really pay attention and that is still weird though. ” But z not ó very busy with his looks is Gavin because he cuts his hair with a Pocket knife! Because he always \ ‘ \ ‘ is on the road, he has no time to a Barber to go along, so he keeps his herself but short. Here is also the \ ‘ \ ‘ caps from passion: ” wear a CAP is easier than doing my hair. ” explains Gavin and Moreover, a coupe la á army knife maybe not the best coupe for him.

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é t Gavin on stage mJust make music that Gavin not so very busy with the whole showbiz happen, you notice not only because he is not concerned with his appearance. When he describes itself he says also that he-in contrast to ” little boys who have become famous because their mama’s so wanted ” -not really himself impressed with it. ” I just want to make music and produce songs that I like. I’m going to make music because I like how music sounds. When I at one point was by all artists and albums that I like (e.g. The Beatles, Sam Cooke and Ray Charles), there was nothing left to listen to. So then I thought, then I have to try it yourself. ” Thus Gavin. Now he can also imagine to something other than a musician. His song ” I don’t wanna be \ \ ” , where he sings to want to be nothing else than who he is now, is 100% true. Making music for people who find it right, is the most beautiful thing there is. Gavin hopes he eventually a home crowd can cre ë ren: a fixed group of people who appreciate him and his music. He calls it a private \ ‘ society \ ‘, but that’s only hope for the future. For the time being, is he mad on the public that now comes to his shows: ” I think the nice people who do not adjust everywhere indiscriminately, which dare to be themselves. ” As Gavin after long thought t ó ch seems to know what kind of job he would be practicing if he would be no singer, he calls ” GI Joe! Good dangerous: you may jump from planes and é wrestling with each other n you never to your appearance to worry. ” After this confession, he smiles and says: ” I just love making music. ” To the twinkle in his own eyes you see also that he can do nothing else would simply k ú. And that’s a good thing, because otherwise we would not Follow Through if Chariot, and songs I don’t wanna be can enjoy. Name: Gavin Shane DeGraw/date of birth: 4 February 1977/marital status: single/place of birth: The Catsskills, New York/family: father Wayne (jailer), mother Lynne (Rehab specialist), brother Joey, sister Neeka

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