HM reign

after the break we are introduced to Jetty’s twin brother Stanley. He is courier and bringing food parcels to the less fortunate. Stanley is a real tough Surinamese man, who sit in the room can see many vrouwspersoon. Luckily he has three mobile numbers, should call the woman of his dreams. When he once again lost the way (literally) he asks his taante (Auntie) for advice. Taante (Auntie) Mathurin is planning to set up its own Ministry: the Ministry of ups and downs. Taante (Auntie) can’t understand where this country is going. ” We must with z \ ‘ n all just a big keep wassie (cleaning red.) ” . Taante (Auntie) think that everyone z \ ‘ n roll up z \ ‘ n sleeves must protrude and no longer so \ ‘ n big mouth must have, then it would look much better this country firmly. She speaks from her personal speech from the throne, on its very own way. Mathurin put with \ ‘ HM reign \ ‘ a very special evening on the shelves down. She plays very personal and close, but also delicious can magnify things with a heavy Surinamese dialers. For the Surinamese people in the Hall were the situations she described very recognizable, to to hear the responses. The non-Surinamese people got subtle lesson in terms like \ ‘ \ tjoerie ‘, \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ wassie, cloths and govern \ ‘ \ ‘ (which means ‘ not only prevail \ ‘ \  HM reigns ). Although the majority of the evening very funny was built, there were also moments when aangetrapt was firmly against social problems. And that made the evening so strong, to as professional so \ ‘ n wide program to put down.Image removed by editors Jetty who? Jetty Mathurin (\ ‘ 51) is a creative Jack-of-all-trades who acts, presents, among other things, Radio Rijnmond and colums writes for the journal \ ‘ \ ‘, but above all a theatre-maker is Contrast. She is from home teacher and speech therapist. End years \ ‘ 80 made Jetty switched to the tv and theatre world. They got great fame in the role of Smorrie in the drama series \ ‘ \ ‘ Women wing, winner of the 1994 Televisierring. \ ‘ HM reign \ ‘ is the sixth in a series of successful one-woman shows by Mathurin. \ ‘ HM reign’s to 1 June in the Dutch theaters to see. Look for the current play list and more information about Jetty Mathurin or

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