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Before the men of Bl opstapten ø f the stage, the audience via a video screen was taken to all 13 countries that have done to the gentlemen on their musical journey around the world. And even that’s just been nice to see. Only after a time or ten you can almost itself the eight millennium goals gabble, frequently used be shown (read more about it on the Umoja site). These goals have come just one more time too much over. Something after half past eight men came on stage and started quite impressive with a new number inside-\ ‘ \ ‘. The great thing is that you on the video screen, during the song, travel pictures and also hear the musicians with whom they have recorded the song. The head is off and the whole atmosphere feels like an intimate living room concert. This also eluded singer Paskal (Jakobsen) not ” Welcome to our living room, or actually we in your living room ” he joked with a big grin. The tone is set and we’re going at a rapid pace through with the next issue, the Hall came loose and it was delicious singing along.

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Paskal Jakobsen goes on in his game

The roughest rock song what the men have so far released, sounds harsh and powerful by the Hall back. Wow! \ ‘ \ ‘ Man is definitely different than that they normally released, but total Bl ø f. the alternation between new and old songs is pleasant. Paskal conducted the public as an accomplished conductor along all the highlights. So we sang good along with the well-known songs, so we hupsten with the number 1 single \ ‘ Proposal without rings \ ‘ and clapped until the Palms we saw red. He also knows quite well on the laugh muscles work with have forgotten solo during \ ‘ Harder than I have can \ ‘ ” I have this number already 20,000 times played and now I forget suddenly my solo haha ” . Sometimes things don’t go quite as you would like, but that gives Bl ø f that special touch. The humor and fun they have together and radiate on stage makes it a joy to watch. Unfortunately, there are more not quite as it should be. By a wrong step went Paskal by his only ” weak anklets and a boorish locomotion is killing ” he joked. And so he hobbled on stage with his guitar to \ ‘ \ ‘ a way of coming home to play solo. This was the Giant raiding alone and then again to the height to work with \ ‘ \ ‘ Holiday in Spain where he of course was assisted by Bas, Peter and Norman. After two o’clock came the world trip up to its end and the travel fever has gripped you…ø F BL can still be seen at the following places with the Umoja-club tour: Wednesday 15-3-2006 Zwolle, Hedon Thursday 16-3-2006 Haarlem, Patronage Thursday 23-3-2006 Leeuwarden, Schaaf Hall Friday 24-3-2006 Muzeval Emmen, Thursday 30-3-2006 the Hague, horse v. Troy Friday 31-3-2006-2006 Saturday 1-4 Mezz Breda, Weert, The tawny owl for more information on Bl ø f: For more information about Umoja: This article is automatically posted by WP-Auto Post : PluginContent Filtering WordPress Auto Blog, WP-Auto Post

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