DVD: Guernsey

back in Netherlands she decides to tell nothing to her husband and child, with whom she lives in a quiet new housing estate. If they later the widower of her colleague in Belgium look up ë, it turns out that he has a new girlfriend. Because he just after the death of his wife still said to have been happy with her, Anna begins to wonder if everything really is as it seems. They close themselves off from its surroundings and begins her husband Michael and son on distance to observe. So she discovers that Sebastian has a relationship with a colleague of school, but she confronts him with it. Meanwhile, her father wants to sell the family home and with his new wife moving to the island of Guernsey. In addition, the relationship between Anna and her sister Bobby strained. There is obviously still very old from the past: Sebastiaan has at the time Bobby exchanged for Anna. A new working visit to Egypt and a family outing to the new home of her father makes for Anna … a lot of clear Image removed by editing Image deleted by editing the film is anything but easy accessible. Precisely because there is little is spoken and there long silences, it is entirely at its time loaded. Yet the movie not bad: the characters are fine and although the very acts just seem, feel like Viewer that subcutaneous sluimeringen are. That the acting performances are good, is also evident from the fact that lead actress Maria Kraakman (Anna) got a golden calf for her role. However, I personally love of something more pace in a movie. As a bonus, the dvd offers a – – next to the movie trailer and a ‘ making of ‘, in which the parties involved come to the word. There is also an interview with Director Nanouk Leopold. DVD: Guernsey Guernsey with Maria Kraakman, Fedja van Hu ê t, Johanna ter Steege Total Movie running time: 87 minutes Genre: Drama

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