Edison Awards

the presentation of the Awards was done by Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, the presenter of the programme De wereld draait door. The evening began with his announcement of the first category … New National. Nominated were Julian Thomas, Pete Philly & Perquisite and the youth of today. ” And the award goes to the most awkward youth of today! ” , it was called. The guys-that basically just Freddie, Pepin and Oli ç io are called-nonchalant came their get price. ” How happy are you? ” , asked Oli ç io to Pippin. ” Very happy, especially for the money. Those 5 douzoe the man who we get! ” Despite this lukewarm reception went the youth of today is absolutely crazy on stage. In the category group National were The New Cool Collective, Pete Philly & Perquisite and Racoon nominated. As expected won Racoon. The guys were very pleased and called the award ” a Crown on 3.5 year slog. ” Singer Bart told that there should still be fought until the figurine, because they wanted the Edison all four have to take home. Of course, also with their hit Racoon Love you More. Image removed by editors

R ö Racoon/De jeugd van Tegenwoordig yksopp, Armin van Buuren and Soulwax were the nominees for the category Dance. The winner of the award, Armin van Buuren, happened to be in Netherlands and could happily retrieve its Edison. Between performances in Dubai and Tel Aviv by he in the Galaxy and was very pleased with this plume for his album Shivers. In the category best singer Jan Smit in the prices fell. Dani ë l Langidrik and Guus Meeuwis singers had it inspected. Jan was there ” moment of and extremely proud. ” To Guus cheer, he promised to go drink a beer with him soon. He told Jan that secretly against Vrouw.nl something more joyful with the Edison than with its won Televizier-ring. The ring is a public Prize and tells to which one looks most like home. The Edison is awarded by a professional jury and concerns his singing qualities. ” This has to be the highest for a singer in Netherlands and I’m only 9 years busy! ” He tells that he said Jan. Smiling still 100 is going to win, ” but first I’m going to 2 glasses of beer from the bar. E é n I immediately back and throw the other drink I quietly on ” he says. Well Jan, congratulations though!Image removed by Editor

John Smith/Anouk/Armin van Buuren

nominees for best female singer Lena’s World were National, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Anouk. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk called elated Anouk forward. You would think the singer is no longer so impressed by the Edison, because she has been almost a dozen full of statuettes. Nothing: ” it’s the ninth or tenth and I’m very glad I é n é after so much time still receive. ” After they had taken delivery of the statue, found Ma that they actually had to sing a song, even though they had agreed that they wouldn’t do. ” Well, let’s do so than ” said Anouk and before they knew it, she was to sing a duet together with normal. The Edison audience award went to Guus Meeuwis, for his version of the song give me your fear. Guus won the among other things of Love you More by Racoon, Laura of Jan Smit and Iampipes of the youth of today. After he received the Edison, of course he sang the winning number. Later hugged each other: no hard feelings Guus and Jan there so. According to me they are still later work steps!Image removed by editors

normal/Guus Meeuwis

the last sculpture that was supposed to be handed out, was the Oeuvre prize. Who went to none other than normal. Very very ge ï mponeerd by the statuette seemed the men did not: they were much more impressed with the action with Anouk and thanked her in their acceptance speech. About the figurine the singer said: ” they had the thing apparently oeuvre. ” Normally closed the evening with three songs, after which the party in the form of an afterparty just went

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