Cape Verdean barefoot diva

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Ces ria vora is a 65-year-old folk singer from ë Cape Verdi Islands (island group 500 km west of the Gambia and Senegal) and is known as the barefoot diva \ ‘ \ ‘ because they mostly barefoot occurs. á Ces ria began 40 years ago with gig with her father and cousin. She was best known for the ë in Cape Verdi Islands local radio stations. Around 1970 she stopped acting in order to fully on to her family. Fifteen years later it began to itch and she put her bare feet again on the stage. CES ria á still occurs, she is currently even doing a world tour. Even though it says her name you initially not as much, with winning a Grammy award and a total of six nominations is Ces ria á still world wide praise, the cd was recorded in Mindelo, Cape Verde Rogamar, Paris and Rio de Janeiro and is since 13 March for sale in Netherlands. With her dark voice bores Ces ria á you a minute. Her music is not under é é n denominator or genre to hosts. It is jazz, the latin? According to a description of a connoisseur is it’s a mix of typical Cape Verdean morna (of the English – mourn mourning), Portuguese fado, Brazilian modhina and West African percussion. On the cd changes the Cape Verdean diva Rogamar off with faster, cheerful percussion numbers and fado-like songs where exudes sadness and blues. Would you listen to the lyrics (can), then you would run this cd may not associ Chief ë with happy summers but still gives the music a contagious warm feeling. The sultry sounds that you want in Summer Carnival (Rotterdam) and holiday! Still here … sigh … Tracklist 1. Vaga Lenta 2. Sombras Di Destino 3. UM Pincelada 4. Avenida Marginal 5. Africa Clarisa Nagaoka 6. Tiche 7. Sao Tom After Ecuador 8. Rogamar 9. Amor E Mar 10. Modge Trofel 11. Rosie 12. Travessa De Peixeira 13. MAS Um Sonho 14. Mar Nha Confidence 15. AnoCes á É Saiona D \ ‘-Vinte ria vora Rogamar Sony |BMG order now! nosave Cape Verdean barefoot diva  Cape Verdean barefoot diva

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