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At aromatherapy uses the healing properties of herbs, flowers, plants, resins, roots and trees that deep things in body and mind. A ë le essential oil is a highly concentrated liquid, 1000 kg for example, but 500 ml remains essential rose petals ë le oil over, this indicates how focused this essential oil is ë le. In addition to using at annoying discomfort and pain, these essential ë n ë le oli also used to support the atmosphere at home or in the workplace, as care product and for relaxation at massage or sauna. Simone Philippi makes in her salon to home use of the products of Volatile and so I came in contact with these products. These delicious products are a treat for your body, just like the treatment of Simone. Before Simone with the treatment starts show them your different scented essential oil ë ë le n smell. She asks you out the odors that most appeal to you, at that time, to make a choice. Simone looks then, after a little analysis, which of your chosen essential ë le ë n fit best with your skin oli. It is quite possible that you have a next time a very different choice, this has everything to do with how you feel at that moment. The treatment begins with a relaxing footbath, with some drops of the essential oil by ë le chosen you. Then you may take a seat on the treatment chair where you are then very good, with the products of Volatile, is taken care of. Because essential ë ë n in various ways in the le oli body, for example by inhalation of the volatile oli ë n, either because they are mixed with a skin care product that is applied on the skin, the oli ë n in the the vascular system or the bloodstream. If the essential ë le oli ë n are inhaled they come right into the blood through the lungs. This fragrant vegetable oli ë n have a directly noticeable effect on the State of mind and the physical condition of man. The essential ë le ë n call incentives that oli by the nervous system to the brain are. After such a treatment feel my outer and inner I turn to relax and rejuvenate. Such a break we all need every now and then, equally sweet for yourself! Simone Philippi sells the products of Volatile in her shop, they are very affordable and Volatile has in its range essential ë le oli ë n in its purest form. All oli ë n of Volatile are 100% natural, totally pure and often submitted by ” wild harvest ” . In addition, mixtures and care products for specific applications available. More info on Volatile is available on the website of Volatile, information on the services and treatments by Simone Philippi can be found on Lavender skin care

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