Javier Guzman: ' ' I’m a perfectionist

How are you? It goes really well with me. A while ago I had a setback though, when I played not tasty, but that’s fixed now. I think the public has not even noticed. That is, of course, but I’m a perfectionist and always wants to play well.Why cabaret? That I wanted to become a comedian, I actually knew pretty quickly. When I was seven years old, I turned the LP records of Wim Kan. I could when not even Dutch, but knew the plates from my head. Cabaret has always fascinated me. I always thought it was fun to act, but it took a while before I dared to put the step for the small art school to choose. I had, of course, half, half can do, but then the result even half. I want to do everything right. Am afraid to fail, but that fear also makes me sharp.Where do you get your inspiration from? From daily conversations, books and magazines. Actually from everything happening in the society. I am all day at work. Always think about my shows. Now I work all on my next show with which I’m going to try-outen in september. Where that is about, I tell yet. The working title is in any case \ ‘ \ ‘ Delerium. I work hard on my show. Think a lot about it after, but I don’t want the audience the feeling that I’ve thought about for a long time after. That’s not easy, but I feel at home on the stage and the play goes well. \ ” Guzman, in! part 1t/m3 ‘s a while ago released on dvd, please? Now look I had done better, but that you have to put it into perspective. I am now much further. If I sometimes see the shows, I think: that had otherwise had to. That I have always, even after my current show. It’s so \ a snapshot. I find the dvd a nice ending, finally I have done no conference this year.The dvd also contains backstage fragments. We see that you are evil after the second sinterklaas conference. Can you tell us more about it? On so now I’ve your gigantic strained. Everything has to be there on. it is true that I was very emotional after the show, but there I am ashamed with not for. Nowadays I don’t relativize it more, but two years ago I went home depressed after a poor show. Then I went really to myself to rade, while I had played well. Now I know that there are an awful lot of factors play a role.Do you ever to a cabaret performance? The last show I’ve seen there was é n é by Theo Maassen, but actually I almost never come in the theater.The last time came you often negative in the media. So is everyone talking about your drinking problem and the accident on the sea promenade. What does that with you? I have sure gotten a thicker skin. I used to be able to do there sad, but now I don’t relativize it. I know what is true and what is not. The sea wall has become the most famous street of Amsterdam. Everyone always asks, but I am so freaking done with it.Do you like it known? I’m not one to suffering from it are known. It has drawbacks, but also a lot of advantages. I also see this attention as a confirmation. My work speaks to the people apparently. It keeps people busy, but I’ve never gone in the box because I wanted to be known.You have played and Flirt in the film in several series, would you like to continue to do so? If it were up to me, but I only do things that I really like. The film world is uncertain, you only know that it is round when you’re on the set state. It’s a very nice change, but remains my number é é cabaret n. are you happy? Yes, I’m happy. How my future looks like, I don’t know. If you had asked me this a year ago, I had to give you a comprehensive picture, but now I’m happy too. In the future I want to even more beautiful, better and fairer program’s making. On www.javierguzman.com you’ll see where you can still admire Guzman.

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