Pink presents new album to select group of fans

tickets to the exclusive showcase, however, were not for sale. You could only get them to send sms or pay by a number to call. And that was not all, because the participants were also win a meeting with the idol. Changeable as always came the pop star with a pair of sunglasses and a large curly hair wig (a la Madonna during the Blond Ambition Tour). She gave the spectators besides a couple of hits as \ ‘ Get The Party Started \ ‘ an idea of how her new album will go see it. E é n of those songs is a parody on \ ‘ Star \ ‘ from now like Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan. This will give women of the singer now a lesson. make it clear that young women should have more ambitions than shopping and going out.

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In \ ‘ Dear Mr. President \ ‘ (beautiful acoustic Sung) also gave them a sneer towards President Bush. The shock is they still not lost his touch. The Convention Factory; a bare and had been very empty Hall. But fortunately there knew her Pink Sun to shine. Unfortunately \ ‘ \ ‘ only little more than half an hour. However, with the promise that they won’t come back later this year for a few real \

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