Chicken Little

Chicken Little is a Disney film about a small chick that together with his friends trying to save the world as the sky seems to come down. The chick Chicken Little has ever panic sown in the animal world when he thought heaven came down. Now he is determined to restore his reputation again. But just as everything seems to be going, there is a piece of heaven é cht on his head. Together with his friends he goes looking for a way to save the world again, without disturbing the peace. And then it turns out to be quite useful for a small chicken, if you want to save the world … that is in short the story where Chicken Little about. Chicken Little is the first feature-length computer-animated film from Disney, that after contract problems with Pixar, had to quickly set up its own computer animation Department. And unfortunately that is a little bit to see the movie. It is therefore impossible to Chicken Little to compare in terms of animations with a film like Finding Nemo. The details and finish are all just not. And that’s quite unfortunate. But the movie is, after all, intended for children and that will really not whining to a somewhat less well finished animation. In fact, they find the story great fun. The story is for children from six years well recognizable because there theme’s as friendship and bullying occur. As an adult you have to so but just turn a blind eye and the tenenkrommende animation take for granted sometimes and hope that Disney has learned there of.

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Also no lack of bonus material to this Disney DVD; not used sc è nes (including two alternative openingssc è nes), several music video’s and karaoke clips, games and activities, behind the scenes documentaries and several featurettes (including the voices behind the characters and a day in the life of the Director). In short, good for hours of entertainment at the kids and if they like it, why should I complain?Chicken LittleGeschatte time: 78 minutes suitable for: 6 years and older Release: 22 March 2006Uitgebracht by: Walt Disney

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