Five minutes for yourself

the concept is childishly simple. You take the time to fully five minutes each morning in the now and to formulate a clear objective for yourself. The exercises help you to feel good and motivated, to reduce stress and to obtain energy and inspiration. The exercises are fun and not hard to do. You will find that you can accomplish a lot in just five minutes. The core is meditation. Short but powerful meditation exercises that, if you run them well, are as effective as yourself three weeks shut down in a Buddhist monastery. Most exercises start with a minute long quietly and consciously breathe in and out. You have to send your breath in any way; get just breathe as that saying goes. And paid attention to the direct experience of as little as possible the movement of your breath. Learning this technique is something you definitely will cost more than five minutes, unless you have some experience in the field of meditation or yoga. The exercises are divided into five ë n category, as for example \ ‘ unwind and relax you \ ‘ and \ ‘ \ ‘ Deal with yourself and others. ë N this category help you to quickly find the most suitable exercises for you. Examples of exercises: all daily worries slide away from you, with all the attention your first SIP of tea or pamper yourself with an invigorating foot massage. All exercises are aimed at a brief moment of calm and happiness to cre ë ren with the idea that if you do, you there in the morning that \ all day benefit you. In short, a very pleasant and practical book if you have a little experience in the field of meditation and yoga. Are you really still quite green, first read a general introduction. For example, \ ‘ \ ‘ Meditation, by Christina Feldman (Publishing House The House of Books).Five minutes for yourself Jeffrey Brantley & Wendy Millstine publishing house ISBN 90-6963-701-4 price: € 9.95 order now! five minutes for yourself  five minutes for yourself five minutes before

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