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Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind (2004) Joel (Jim Carrey) there is quite upset that his girlfriend Clementine (Kate Winslet) all her memories of their rather intense relationship erased. Desperate, he contacts the inventor of the Exchange process, Dr. Howard Mierzwiak (Tom Wilkinson), so as to erase Clementine from his own memory. But as Joel’s memories of Clementine slowly begin to disappear, he begins to discover his love for her again. He tries with all his might the process, which is taking place deep in his brain, counter. While Dr. Mierzwiak and his crew pursue him by his own memories, Joel is more and more clear that he wants to get out of his head not Clementine. And starts his own struggles to keep the memories alive. This film draws you into a whirlwind of images that follow each other quickly, so make sure you are awake for it to be able to watch.Subtitles: Dutch/French Extras: Audio Commentary with Michel Gondry & Charlie Kaufman * * A look inside Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind * Conversation with Jim Carrey & Michel Gondry * Polyphonic Spree ” Light & Day ” Music Video * Lacuna Commercial * Deleted Scenes

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Anything else (2003) a comedy-writer who can keep their heads above water but with difficulty (Jason Biggs) is impressed with the girlfriend (Christina Ricci) from an old friend. The two begin an exciting affair and as a result, it doesn’t take long for the relationship between Jerry (Bigg) and his girlfriend ends. Beside that Amanda (Ricci) incredibly uncertain and Jerry does everything to satisfy her pulls her mother make the bunch in. With all the chaos in his personal life and the stress for good jokes to try to deliver his good friend David (Woody Allen) to assist him with the most absurd advice … The speed of the dialogs keep this film even a bit exciting and Christina Ricci plays the star of heaven as Amanda. She is also the gem of the film and thereby puts out the rest of the storyline what faded off. Anything else is not a bad film but a bit boring.Subtitles: Dutch/French Extra’s: * Original Theatrical Trailer

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The shapes of things (2003) The Shape Of Things follows the relationship between the art student Evelyn (Rachel Weisz) and Adam (Paul Rudd) and what shy shy. After they have met each other on separate way during an exhibition, a relationship between the two has flourished on Evelyn takes command of the game. and Adam turns into a brisk pace of appearance and behavior. All this does not go unnoticed by his best friends Jenny (Gretchen Mol) and Philip (Frederick Weller), who see this metamorphosis happen with much suspicion. Going through the development that Adam has profound consequences for all involved unexpected and ultimately. While watching go there all alarm bells off. There is just something not to the relationship between Adam and Evelyn. With Deputy shame I have to go to the denouement looked.Subtitles: Dutch/French Extras: e.g. Original Theatrical Trailer

Image removed by editors We don’t live here anymore (2004) Jack (Mark Rufallo) and Hank (Peter Krause) are both English teacher in a small friendly town in New England. Beside that they are colleagues, they are also friends. Terry (Laura Dern) is unstable and temperamental, but of the household often comes to nothing. While Edith (Naomie Watts) calm and confident and perfectly capable of the House seems to run so that Hank doesn’t bother having household stress and the children do not disturb him while writing his book. The four together are also good friends, who have many fun nights at Jack and Terry at home while enjoying a drink and fine music.Until Jack and Edith begin an affair with each other and then the guilt, the fear, the recriminations and revenge take their toll. Despite that you directly in the adultery falls from Jack and Edith falls after the movie a little quiet. A great pity that the tension that is built up slowly by the movie fades out in an anti climax.Subtitles: Dutch/French Extras: * Original Theatrical Trailer * Interviews with C & C Image removed by redactieAmerican cinema 2: dvdbox with In love 4: * Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind * Anything else * The shape of things * We don’t live here anymore, there are two parts in addition to these 4 dvdbox American cinema. Namely American cinema 1: On the road and American cinema 3: Suspense. Would you like to know more about this, then take a look at the site of A-film

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