Bible Mysteries

the BBC sends currently the documentary Bible Mysteries from. These episodes are in Netherlands from 23 March already in a DVD box for sale in stores. Describe the various episodes among other things the possible \ ‘ \ ‘ suspects of the murder of Jesus, demystify the legend of David and Goliath and criticize the veracity of the predicted Apocalypse. Expected from the documentary not a kind of short film, where you happen to know all kinds of facts. In the episodes you see only characters who represent Biblical figures, but a dialogue between, for example, if you don’t hear Jesus and Mary. The images are provided with a voice-over that the extra-scientifically based-facts tells (so that it adds something to the already famous story). Also be experts to speak that have all kinds of different stories and theory about ë n \ ‘ \ ‘ characters from the Bible. Watching the DVD is so only a good idea when you already have ample knowledge of the Bible. A scientific and historical framework in which to place the biblical events are. So: some interest in Christianity or Judaism and curious about the stories? Don’t do those Bible Mysteries! But certainly aware of the relationships in the book and curious about new facts and scientific evidence? Then w é l do those Bible Mysteries!Image removed by editors Bible Mysteries running time: 7 hours and 10 minutes (4 DVD’s) list price: 29.99

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