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There are two ways you can

to watch this movie. With a romantic look, you will see the story of a young girl who comes to life after she has found her passion, continues despite all the setbacks, and en route also falls in love with. With a happy ending of course. Or with a cynical look, you will see a 92-minute clich é, full of impossibilities. Will you choose the romantic look, then you will become acquainted with Casey Carlyle, an exemplary student in high school. Her physics teacher encourages her to a personal problem to be able to come to Harvard. Casey discovers that she is with her laptop and physical models, can figure out how a jump goes, and what the schaatssters should do to improve it. To provide an even better understanding how that works, she wants to own a few classes. Then it turns out that she has. Her mother, who is completely set on a University carri è re of her daughter, however, is not so happy with her new ambitions. Despite her resistance put by Casey, and she is doing well on regional Championships. Then she gets to do with real resistance. What seems to be a good deed, turns out to be a sabotage agent, Casey goes home without prizes and disillusioned. In order not to betray too much of the plot, suffice it to say that everything good comes of course in the long run, and Casey a glittering carri è re in figure skating the wait.

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You look with a cynical look, then you will see the é of a wallflower clich that suddenly is a beautiful woman. Then you will see the mothers, who are even more ambitious than their daughters, whether for school or sport. You see how the main character one day work with é é apparently has earned enough money for a course of 800 dollars. You see how a mother that her daughter has not by total every day get up before dawn to go work out. You see spurious characters. You see an unlikely story.

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But, it is a fact that a number of people worked very hard for this movie has. Lead actress Michelle Trachtenberg (Buffy the Vampire Slayer), has as many as eight months to get trained to be credible as a figure skater, and that training did during the recordings just by. Other bike art that have a large role in the film, such as Kirsten Olson and Jocelyn Lai, are no actresses, but real art schaatssters. However, they put a credible performance. However, Joan Cusack and Kim Cattrall steal the show, as ambitious mothers, that there are many, if not all to get their daughters to leave the è they re carri did not have.

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All in all it is an entertaining movie, with especially nice images for fans of figure skating. The Extras are also fun, with deleted sc è nes, and a spoken notes to the entire film by Michelle Trachtenberg, Trevor Blumas and some co-stars.Ice Princess with Kim Cattrall, Joan Cusack, Michelle Trachtenberg, and supporting roles of Michelle Kwan and Brian Boitano time: 94 minutes Extra’s: Scene selection, Deleted scenes, music, and more, behind the scenes at Disney; spoken explanation list price: 23.99

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