Jason: ' The dream I had is now released '

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Hectic? You could say that. I have had a moment to relax after the final. At first I was quite cold. Then I had a moment a few days rest. But then it went quite circus so loose.Do you all remember fun then? How about you! I knew this was going to happen. Of course, you can never make a genuine representation of é. The dream I had as a little girl is now released. It’s just a fantastic feeling.That was quite vehemently that final! Know for sure. When I got there with my big friend Floortje was something went through me. We left each other z ó to win. I had the hair very awarded. She has terrible done its best and is a fantastic singer.What went through your mind when your name was announced as the winner? I felt overjoyed, but also weird. You are finally overnight, suddenly a celebrity. That is the moment where you have lived for months go. It’s all not with words to describe what goes through you at such a time.Idols also had difficult moments for you. That is also at h è. It was pretty heavy when I all that criticism of Henk Jan got over me. That becomes cold clothes sit I must say. I’m happy the weather all forgotten and I can enjoy everything that happens to me n ú.

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Have you even more talents besides singing? It has to be if you’re a zangcarri è re aspires. It is much more than just singing on the stage. I’ve always been a been by Imran Zafar. Starting from when I was very small I dreamed all of Fame later. I can sing very good dancing. That’s me now really very handy. Furthermore, I am pretty good in entertain. I think that is also in my blood haha.You come from a musical family? My parents are no pros, but they are fond of singing. Music always sounded at home with us. We sang with my parents and my brother and sisters. We did not only at home but also on events where we were invited. So you see that I have been there already a best dose experience. Oh yeah, I also added a famous aunt. That’s Ruth Jacott, a well-known singer. From her I learned the é é n and, of course, different. You get a baby in a few months. Is that difficult and zangcarri è States that you re not in the way? No not at all! I’m just going through with singing, as long as it can. To my seventh month if successful. Further I feel now very very good actually. I can just do what I have always done everything yet. I’m getting just a little tired, but I like that of course in mind.You already know a name for your baby? No not yet. But if I knew that already then I went the you guys don’t tell you. It is the secret between me and my friend. Still four and a half month … It is now really really fast. Before you know it, it’s been so far! I look terrible, of course, looking forward to it.You’re going to get started with your album soon. Yes, there I go very fast to begin with. The people ask me how my first plate will look like, but we are still not completely out. I’ve had a lot of say in. On my album only songs where I can find myself all the way in. In any case, the next time it is still very very exciting.

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