Disappointing on TMF Smash

it is quite a nice idea to a festival around an hour or five ten and round the clock starting again to end. So you’re not really home late and still get a five hour long music administered. TMF Smash means except look at performances that you can see your favorite artist up close. The star of the day come also to the \ ‘ \ ‘ autograph room where they hand out signatures and with their fans on the photo. There is therefore a lot of kids gathered (and sometimes parents) at the autograph table, making the security people there sometimes a chore to had to manage everything.

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And then there were of course the performances! Especially the singer Rosami (of the song \ ‘ Thank You \ ‘) caused a big surprise. This is a young young singer who with her adult repertoire fixed a big future! The English Simon Webbe has last year’s successful band Blue and released his first solo album ” Sanctuary ” . That earned him with the single ” Lay Your Hands ” immediately a big hit on, but also the new single ” No Worries ” scores well. On the TMF Smash Festival gave Web an acoustic concert. Thus he again underlined his versatility. As a surprise at the end of his set he pulled off his shirt and showed his well-trained chested (this much to the delight of its ladies!).

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Also nice was the action taken by the Senegalese rapper Akon, who apart from his hit \ ‘ Lonely \ ‘ also known for his duet \ ‘ \ ‘ with our own Ghetto rappers Ali B and Yes-R. They were allowed to their arts along with Akon on the stage of the Galaxy exhibit. A worthy ending to a

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