Maria Mena-Apparently Unaffected

With You are the only One still in my mind I listen to Apperently Unaffected ‘. Supported by soft haggling on a guitar followed by a solid drum beat, hovers the voice of Maria Mena my head inside and let me forget everything. With her somewhat hoarse but pure voice carries them certainly means I’m a sneaky witness an Internal Dialogue. And with this first issue put them so the style that typifies her music: disarming and straight from the heart written and Sung. Maria Mena once said that they prefer writes songs which they themselves like to would like to listening and happy she has a broad taste. You’ll find on this album rousing pop songs with a touch of rock but also sensitive and lingering to change songs. For all songs, the to content. No \ ‘ I love you and I remain your faithful \ ‘. For example, though I miss you Love, he’s hurting me, Nevermind me and Just hold me. Piece by piece all be brought with proper emotion, making songs that I regularly hit by its openness. On Apperently Unaffected ‘ strikes me still something special on. three of the fourteen songs have the same title. There is an If you’ll stay in my Past part 1, 2 and 3. And if you put them one after the other shapes that three parts é é n complete song of 3.28. This is é n é of the surprises on the album and I like it found. As far as I am concerned, Maria Mena no Alanis Morissette, but with her barely 20 years already a singer/songwriter from Norway that w é é n é l can sing and with a promising future. 01-Internal Dialogue 02-This Bottle of Wine 03-Miss you Love 04-Boytoy Baby 05-If you’ll stay in my Past (part 1) 06-He’s hurting me 07-Just hold you 08-Long time Coming 09-If you’ll stay in my Past (part 2) 10-Nevermind me 11-These Shoes 12-Our Battles 13-Calm under the Waves 14-If you’ll stay in my Past (part 3) Image removed by redactieMaria Mena-Apparently Unaffected ‘ playing time: 37 minutes and 27 seconds. Label: Sony-BMG Web site: Maria order now! nosave Maria Mena-Apparently Unaffected  Maria Mena-Apparently Unaffected

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