Depeche Mode party celebrates in Ahoy '

The fans had been looking forward to the action in the Ahoy very fixed. From home and abroad they were in any case to the sold-out Rotterdam pop temple flowed to catch a glimpse of their lost Heroes on to catch. Tickets were for a long time no longer get. You could only buy for extortionate black merchants. The band had back feeling, that soon became clear. It was almost as if they wanted to take revenge for those long time of absence. On a giant, futuristic stage, completed with synthesizers in the shape of spaceships, next to a large, illuminated sphere in which patches of texts were read, the Lords of Depeche Mode to a show road where fell.

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David Gahan as radiant Center of a returned hero was the dazzling show full of Greatest hits and new songs from the album last year \ ‘ \ ‘ Playing The Angel. A whole room delirious fans gave the band a receipt that them propably long will leave a good memory. Out of gratitude for that they gave a two-hour long performance road, which was welcomed with open arms by the swirling mass. The fans went at least for two hours continuously from their roof. The beautiful light and image effects made the experience even once complete. Depeche Mode in 2006: it was such a gig where you could get enough where you probably think back years later still to.

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