Polka Dot Blues

polka dot Blues is about the Surinamese Spike (played by Negativ) who is sent to Netherlands at an early age by his parents to here to go to school. He can not earths with his aunt in the Bijlmer and in high school. Spike ends up in the world of bling, bling, where everything revolves around money and status. When he falls in love with Rosalie, the daughter of a shopkeeper (played by Sophie van Oers) thinks he only wants him as Spike has money. To impress her joins Delano (SugaCane played by). Earn a bit of money as well as petty criminal can Spike now. Escape to the hopeless situation he decides to work as courier. So he wants to save his Grand Slam. With the money he gets, he can build a normal existence with his great love Rosalie, but the trip to Suriname runs other than planned … through the sound bites you can also clearly hear on the cd storyline, but there is still more. You can not only enjoy a lot of tasty numbers from the film, such as \ ‘ Welcome to our lives \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ polka dot Blues sung by the-cast ft. Negativ, Raymtzer, Derenzo, Mr. Probz & Kimo and \ ‘ \ ‘ your heart give me a wonderful duet between Negativ and Rosalie. In addition, there are still a lot of tasty extra tracks on the soundtrack. How about \ ‘ \ ‘ \ ‘ Raymtzer’s say yes or Yes-R ft. Fissa \ ‘ of Derenzo. Own a rapje car? That can on the instrumental versions of \ ‘ \ ‘ in our lives and Welcome the \ ‘ \ ‘ Square Battle. And whether 26 tracks wasn’t enough, you can also find the video clip of \ ‘ \ ‘ Welcome in our lives and the trailer of the film on this cd. A nice bonus, of course, but when you look there to? OK, é é n times then, but then get this cd still a place in my cd collection in the car. This cd is a must for R & B/HipHop-lovers. You have to be of Dutch raps, because on the whole cd is but to find é é n English-language number and that is \ ‘ It Don’t Matter \ ‘ of Berget Lewis. Even though as \ a topper! Image removed by editors polka dot Blues OST Featuring: Negativ, Raymtzer,, Mr. Probz Sugacane, Kimo, Goldy, Derenzo and anderenUitgebracht by: Cloud 9 Music BVGeschatte running time: 1: 02: 26Adviesprijs: € 99www

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