1001 meditations

” your special talents: We all have abilities which we do not yet know well; unique talents that enrich our experience and cope with the challenges in our lives. Just think about. What are your personal qualities and creative talents? Maybe you’re compassionate, funny or eloquent, a talented singer or a gifted dancer. Recognize these talents to yourself and cherish them. See them as blessings that you have received to others and yourself enjoy. ” The quote what Mike George has described above is a good example of a refreshing quote. Most of us know that feeling of dissatisfaction, however, feel that we are not good enough. By comparing ourselves with others we continuously strengthen that feeling. We all have special talents, we are unique! No one is as special as you are. By stop at our unique qualities we get more confidence and strength in order to do something with it. The step by step-meditations are simple and work best if you are not with your thoughts or feelings are struggling, but they simply observe. Visualize is really a miracle cure for everything. Suppose you have a fight with someone. Your visualizes a few days straight that you have a good chat with each other and that fixes the problem. Then after a few days this visualization lets you loose. You’ll notice, perhaps only weeks later, that something has changed in that relationship. Maybe not exactly as if you had in mind, but in a way that you can have peace with it. Is it really that simple? Yes, and it works! If you have a certain need, such as the need for peace in the index, you can search for a clip that is related to your specific situation. You can also choose to give you a few days to delve into the meditations, visualizations or quotes that you’ve picked out. Making deeper insights be activated. Which approach you choose, this booklet serves as a signpost and adds a lot of strength, inner peace, love and joy. Because the format ideal for when you are on holiday, but also looks great on your bedside table not. 1001 Meditations Mike George 371 pages The House of books ISBN 90 443 1393 2 list price: 14,90 euro. Order now! 1001 nosave meditations  1001 meditations 1001 MeditatiesM. George

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