Juanes cover HMH with warm, Colombian sounds

In his home country Colombia and Spanish speaking America is Juanes d é star. one that the fame of his compatriot Shakira approaches. With us that fame after his last hit \ ‘ \ ‘ Camisa Negra also soon to come. A concert of Juanes is a true experience. If only due to the exceptional atmosphere. At the Heineken Music Hall have many admirers of the latin rock singer gathered. Especially many Colombians are to pay homage to their hero come to Amsterdam. They make their presence known with flags, caps and banners. Colombia is strongly interwoven with the theme music from Juanes, who embodies the proud of his origins on the stage. Are leaning to his Colombian roots is strong, despite that the singer now lives in Miami for a few years. In his songs he uses Colombian rhythms and his lyrics reflect the feeling that everything to do with his birth place.

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The gig is a typical of his three solo albums, with addition of a single other song. The public going when the first cumbia sounds in the room being thrown out. There is really no stopping. What an incredible atmosphere! Flags, hands everything goes into the air. If you hear echoes, a whole crowd swirls, claps and stomps. You will be carried away whether you want to or not. It seems you so in the middle of a steamy Latin American party is. Up-tempo latin, alternating with a single ballad as rest tip. Juanes excels in vocals, but also on the guitar. He clearly enjoys by his performance. It should particularly be to you outside of your native soil to be able to unite with your countrymen. And additionally a Dutch public conquers. Nearly two hours hours the occurrence and then you stand back in the chilly Dutch outdoor air. With still a little Colombian warmth in your heart. Viva Juanes!!

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