Friends, the game

A Friendsquiz so. How well you actually know the series? And you should know all seasons? You can choose how hard your game makes for yourself. Disadvantage of a CDromspel is that it is so only-the lonely on your laptop/pc is played. A game with a quiz element is more fun to play through tv. Fortunately, the Friends-game also available for the PlayStation 2. This game has not tested (yet), but I can imagine that this finer plays. Frankly, I found the questions still very difficult. Sometimes you had to just guess what would happen in a given situation. Apparently I know not all episodes as well and I am so no genuine é fan! Do you know Janice yet? The ex of Chandler with those super annoying voice? Janice is your quiz master during the game and that had really don’t things could have been different for me! Mainly because it’s not the real Janice voice is, but a Dutch voice that Janice impersonations! Much worse. Fortunately, you can change this option!

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All in all, best Friends, the game \ ‘ \ ‘ a nice game, but I wasn’t hooked right away, as I had with the quiz game Buzz. The danger of a specific theme, such as the sitcom Friends, is that the fast is bored. You can play the game in your Yaron, with or against friends. It is a rich game with over 650 clips and photo’s from the entire series. No addiction for me, but … who knows, it is for the die-hard fans among us a Topper!CD Rom for PC Friends, the Game The one with all the trivia Warner Bros

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