Memoirs of a Geisha

the film tells the story of the sisters by their father to Chiyo and Satsu that a Japanese okiya (geisha House) are sold. The sisters are soon separated because Satsu is considered too old to go to a geisha training and yet ends up elsewhere. Chiyo finds herself in the okiya by Mrs Nita where geisha Hatsumomo for income provides. Along with girlfriend Pumpkin who also lives in the House, she begins to a geisha training. Thanks to list and Chiyo Hatsumomo cheats who dislikes this of training and its already accumulated debt decision Mrs Nita will have to amortize that Chiyo as slave instead of geisha. Girlfriend pumpkin is as a pupil placed under the care of Hatsumomo. Although the life of Chiyo not rosy, however, there is a bright spot when they met President \ ‘ \ ‘. This rich man with his nice character does Chiyo decide that if they want to come further in life they still should try to become a geisha. Not only will they get more respect than but this also offers possibilities for closer \ ‘ \ ‘ her President to come.

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There will be change in the situation of Chiyo as the famous geisha Mameha arrives at the okiya stating that they want to take Chiyo under her wing. After permission of Mrs Nita trained as a geisha Chiyo then begins to accompanied by her big sister \ ‘ \ ‘ Mameha. Soon after her debut she grows, under the name Sayuri, the most famous geisha in Hanonoke. Not only is she now wanted company, but they will also get the chance to meet the man with whom she so badly wants to be in the neighborhood. But then World War II breaks out and lose sight of everyone Saruyi. Or she her great love ever be weerziet you can go and see at the movies. Memoirs of a geisha has long been é n é of my favourite books and I have anxiously been waiting for the film adaptation. And I haven’t waited for nothing because it’s become a beautiful movie. The film adaptation is nicely to the story that the book tells, though you can, of course, not all the details within two hours from the book process. Personally, I recommend everyone to see this film. The story of é n é of the most famous geishas takes you to a totally different world full of jealousy, beauty and art. Especially the sc è ne in which Sayuri a beautiful dance take on towering shoes I found very beautiful. The actors shine in beautiful costumes with which among other things a Oscar was achieved and the story is accompanied by beautiful music of among other things the famous violinist Itzhak Perlman. More about the soundtrack to this this film can be read here.Memoirs of a Geisha runs from 6 april 2006

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