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The Motorcycle Diaries (2004) tells the story of the young Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (Gael Garcia Bernal who among other things also played in La mala educaci n ó) who along with his friend Alberto Granada (Rodrigo de la Serna) a journey through South America makes per engine. By poor weather conditions and a motor that doesn’t always cooperate, the two friends in various situations and learn to know the different cultures of South America. This trip was the 23-year-old Che \ ‘ \ ‘ first encountered injustice in the world and most readers will know what he has done in his later life here. The film is based on the diaries of Che Guevara and is also my personal favorite from this box because it’s a nice story is full of ideals. The music is very nice (the song Al Otro Lado del R í o won an Oscar) and the viewer Gets a beautiful image of the South American landscape.Subtitles: Dutch/French running time: 128 minutes Extras: * Original Theatrical Trailer

My Own

Image removed by editors Private Idaho (1991) is é n é of the films of the Dutch film director Gus van Sant (Good will hunting later also made) and is about Mike (River Phoenix, the now deceased brother of Joaquin Phoenix) and Scott (Keanu Reeves). The rich Scott rebels against his wealthy family by working as a male prostitute on the streets in Seattle. Here he meets Mike and together they create part of a kind of street gang with rather strange members. The observant viewer sees here among other things Flea, the bassist for the Red Hot Chile Peppers, passing by as Budd. After a terrible encounter with his father Mike decision to look for his mother he’s never known. Scott follows him and through Idaho reach Italy ë. A rather important property of Mike is that he is suffering from the disease narcolepsy causing him to fall asleep and often bandied wakes up in the most strange circumstances. Funny effect in the film is that every time when Mike threatens to fall asleep you see fish swimming against the tide or clouds that float through the air. This is a rather intense and emotional film but with a nice story and good actors.Subtitles: Dutch/French/English running time: 102 minutes Extra’s: * Original Theatrical TrailerLost Highway (1997) is about Fred (Bill Pullman from Independence Day), a jazz saxophonist who his wife, Renee (Patricia Arquette, the main character from the successful series Medium) deems to have an affair. After the find of two video tapes which show pictures of their House, Fred finds a third videotape showing how he killed his wife. Fred is arrested and convicted of the murder. In prison he suffered from excruciating headaches in Fred mysteriously changes the much younger Pete Dayton. From that moment the film a different side on. Whether it was the moment when I looked at the film or to my preference for other movies, after about half an hour I was already the track Bagg. To follow this story is 100% concentration required. Now I was warned when I read that David Lynch is the Director of this film. In addition to Lost Highway, he made the television series Twin Peaks which many glued to the tube, especially loved by the many strange twists in the story.Subtitles: Dutch/French running time: 135 minutes Extras: * Original Theatrical Trailer * featurette * Behind the Scenes * Interviews with C & C * Biography & Filmography or director David Lynch

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Stranger than paradise (1984) is about the sixteen-year-old Hungarian Eva who is staying with her cousin Will in New York. Will is not exactly waiting for his job as a babysitter and his niece earlier experiences as an expense. On the other hand, sees New York as Eva é é n great adventure. After more than a week she continues to Cleveland to live with her Hungarian aunt Lotte. After a while her decision to start searching and Will together with his friend Eddie they go with the car on the way. Eva works now in a snack bar and has a boyfriend but her life there not yet really become more fun. The three then decide to try their luck in sunny Florida but whether that remains the big question then is paradise. I was personally a bit gloomy this movie and that came not only because it was filmed in black and white. Might have something to accustomed to what’s faster \ ‘ movies I miss the energy, but that \ ‘ default \ ‘ gives the atmosphere of the film be fine again.Subtitles: Dutch/French/German running time: 89 minutes Extras: * Original Theatrical Trailer * Documentary: Stranger Than Paradise in Cleveland * Director Filmography * Other Trailers (Jim Jarmusch)

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American Cinema 1: On the road 4 DVD box with * The Motorcycle Diaries * My Own Private Idaho * Lost Highway * Stranger than Paradise next to American Cinema 1, there are two parts released in this series. American Cinema 2: in love and American Cinema 3: Suspense. For more information check out the website of

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