The Golden Cage

he led the Iraqi people on two occasions in a war that had devastating consequences for the entire country. He required all residents to surrender their precious jewels so he could finance his wars. But the people did not know that a large proportion of their valuables are hundreds of palaces financed. And during the second world war, the Gulf war, there were embargoes imposed by the world whereby the population came to live in appalling conditions. Never had someone the world access to the priv provides é-life of the dictator Saddam Husayn. Zainab Salbi, until the daughter of the private pilot of Saddam Hussein along with Laurie Becklund decided to tell the world about life at the Court of Saddam Hussein. This book gives a complete picture how this guy not only his enemies but also the people he regarded as friends for years prisoners were abused emotionally and physically. Zainab Salbi grew up as a Shiite Muslim in a thriving Baghdad, they had a progressive, modern mother and a dear father. The family was happy and interested little for politics, enjoyed life and gave many events. During one of these events, they were introduced to a man who completely ï dressed in white was, Saddam Hussein. The couples had no idea that this man, this encounter, would change the rest of their lives. Saddam Hussein was raised in a small village, had little family, felt alone and wanted to befriending a number of young couples in order to fill the void in his life. He forced himself on to Zainab’s parents and friends. Time and time again she tried to Dodge, but this man Saddam had amassed so much power that it was impossible to refuse his friendship. Saddam controlled the whole friendship; He determined when, where and how the ” friends ” meet. He demanded that everyone continue to his liking had around him, respected him, aanbidde and everything did what he wished. People who were not made here on Saddam ruthlessly murdered and told here even open and naked about to make sure that the other would never cheat him. His ” friends ” were continuous bugged and monitored everywhere. They were no minute only could any time of the day and a visit from Saddam expect. So Zainab’s parents got a weekend House in a closed area near one of his palaces. On the weekends the whole family was obliged to come and here day and night, dressed up in the most beautiful clothes, waiting for Saddam’s visit. Zainab’s first bad memories of the regime of Saddam Hussein are in the weekend House, where she has spent years of her youth. With a plastic smile on her face, and clothing that was bought by gotten money were they required hours listening to Saddam’s cruel stories while empty bottles of whiskey he drank.No woman or girl was safe around Saddam Hussein and his family-the men were renowned for their countless rapes. The golden cage is an impressive Biography about the life of a happy girl, that slowly changed to a life of almost unbearable captivity. And eventually told the story of her escape to America. The book tells the fascinating story of Zainab, the demise of one of the oldest and richest nations in the world, but mainly gives insight into the incomprehensible life of one of the most dangerous and cruel men who ever lived. It gives explanation, and maybe even for understanding of the reader, how millions of Iraqis lived a quarter of a century under this dictator Saddam Hussein without fully knowing who exactly was. How an entire nation was governed by fear and so long their money, respect, life, and gave credence to this man until they had nothing more.Salbi and Laurie Becklund image removed by redactieZainab the golden cage 319 pages Publisher: Arena ISBN: 90-6974-758-8 list price: 18.50 euro order now! the Golden Cage  the Golden Cage the Golden kooiZ.

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