Let your energy flow

In \ ‘ \ ‘ you can Let your energy flows through targeted yoga exercises your chakra’s open so that the energy can flow freely through your body and mind. Yoga is a way of thinking that was set in motion already thousands of years BC. The exercises used in this book are among the Hatha yoga. This form of yoga creates, in addition to a good flow of energy through the body, for balance in body and mind. Our chakra’s (Sanskrit for ” wheel ” ” ) are like vortices which draw energy from the Cosmos as a kind of tornado and then distribute to our body. The main chakra’s are along the spine, a total of seven, from Salem to Crown. Each chakra has a specific influence on the body and radiates our organ functions such as the circulatory, endocrine, the emotions and thinking. They all come expanded per chapter to bid with the associated exercises and visualizations. Each chakra has seven aspects so if, for example, in the base chakra: unit: clear to the own nature insight: the dualities are and have. Creative ability: realizing the own unique talents. Gate of the soul: on Earth and move. Wisdom of the equivalence of all. Physical health: the supporting tissues. Love life: the feeling to be with confidence. Basic functions: the own talents life. For example, if you have an upset base chakra are governed by fear and lack of money, or just go spend money overconfident. But also the fear of being physically from a group to be bumped, leaving home or to be fired, come in for the base chakra. The last chapter contains a comprehensive list of common complaints, imagine you have suffered from energy shortages and neck problems, then you can look at the third chakra and the related exercises do. The exercises are doing quite well and are clearly described. Though it is pleasant if you take them together with someone can do, so that you don’t ever have to look in the book. ” Let your energy flow ” is definitely recommended if you need a clear and level-headed explanation of chakra’s. Ation Olff and Annelies Obasi let your energy flow 288 pages Altamira-Becht ISBN 90 6963 702 2 list price: 21,90 euros. Order now! show your energy flows  let your energy flow stromenA Let your energy.

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