Naked lips and eyes in a list

Frame your eyes! A lot of women go to leave without mascara, then they feel bare, even naked. They say that no one would notice their eyes then, though they are still so beautiful. Framing the eyes, express, they better come true, so does mascara. Any hair, also those of the inner and outer corner of the eyes and the tiny hairs in between the longer, must be colored and separated. It is all about mascara and, of course, to brush the mascara itself, which should not clump, spots or bleeding.

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Max Factor comes with a revolutionary innovation: masterpiece Mascara. This mascara has a iFX brush to frame the shape of the eyes beautifully. Thermo plastic elastomer technology guarantees for this special brush. It has soft, flexible hairs that the eyelash hairs tackling the root, even the very short and hard-to-reach hairs. It made a nice evenly layer of mascara to any hair from root to tip. The smooth and tapered brush is specially designed to mascara to Eyelash well can bring along the entire edge. It is flexible enough to be able to start at the roots of the hairs and it has exactly the right size to the hairs of the eye corners, both above and below, and those of the lower lashes from a beautiful layer of mascara to be able to provide. The brush hairs are so flexibly that they really each Eyelash hair suits. The formula contains polymers that protect against heat, wear and moisture. And that means that this mascara will stay all day or night without having to walk or to go stains. And admittedly, I’d be lost without it. I am of my expensive Lancome switched to Max Factor masterpiece! Max Factor’s masterpiece Mascara is available from april in Rich Black and Black Brown, a seductive Nudes for Lipfinity. natural look ” A natural look is here to stay, ” said Graham Johnston, é n é of the top make-up artists of Max Factor. A season-look always has a ‘ natural \ ‘ version, he says. That represents every woman and suits all occasions. Graham Johnston was also responsible for the makeup of Ren é e Zellweger in both Bridget Jones movies. The Max Factor Lipfinity lipstick by, is now in collaboration with Graham Johnston expanded with an off-white shades palette. This obviously have the same long-lasting shelf life where Lipfinity is famous for.

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Lipfinity Nudes is a special line within the Lipfinity lipsticks and have the same properties. Keep Lipfinity color thanks to a revolutionary technology exceptionally well and long, and the color remains exactly the same and does not run out for hours, even after eating, drinking and kissing. Lipfinity consists of two steps: first the color applied and then a moisturizing lip balm that dew like slightly moistened. Personally, I think it more comfortable to use the Lipfinity without the balm, because this keeps longer than in my opinion. But you miss or a glossy look. The colors in these Nudes line speak to me more than the ordinary \ ‘ Lipfinity colors, but also that is obviously very personal.Lipfinity Nudes has seven colors: Pearly Nude, Rosy Whisper, Subtle Pink, Rose, Sienna, Hint or Tanned Mellow Rose, Creamy Latte and is available

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